A Summer Morning in the Argentine Capital to a Blue South Florida Sky

Buenos Aires to Miami

So two weeks ago to the day, I flew SAEZ to KMIA, or Buenos Aires to Miami. It was a fun route to fly for @AmericanVirtual as I rarely use the 777-300ER even though it is my favorite variant of the 777. I like flying between North and South America, but I don’t often do this was a fun one to do. American flies this route in real life and Just like I did, they use the 777-300ER. Flight time was 8 hours and 28 minutes

Flight Details

Buenos Aires to Miami
American 643 (AAVA 643)
Boeing 777-300ER

🇦🇷 • 🇺🇸

Putting the gear up as we climb out of Buenos Aires on a cloudy Summer morning Ascending over the Islas de San Fernando just north of Buenos Aires The plains and fields of South America Our first views of the Andes Mountains as we fly over Tarija, Bolivia
Approaching the North coast of South America over Colombia High above the Jamaican Paradise of Kingston The glooming moon over the Caribbean Sea Turning toward the United States mainland above the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas Putting the gear down approaching Miami over the Floridian Everglades Touching down in a breezy Miami!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What does Buenos Aires mean in English?

  • Fair Winds
  • Sunny City
  • Treasure of the America’s

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So there was a bit of a problem with the quiz on my last post, but you can see that here if you really want


Last photos, OH what happened to the tire?

JK, still wonderful photos

My FAVORITE one are most of them!

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Amazing! Can’t wait for the 777 rework! Keep it up!😀

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Very nice pictures, Mountains, a moonshot, a coastline and great wing view, everything you could wish for in a #screenshots-and-videos topic!

Very well done and my two favourites (+ moonshot) are quoted in this post.
Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! I’ve taken this flight irl, and this looks better than real life!

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@LeonardIF18 haha thanks! Most of them are my favorites too 😂

@KindaTartySliceOfPie I can’t wait either! It’s going to be really fun to fly

@Hymenopus_Coronatus I’m surprised if it looks BETTER than real life 😂 but thanks a lot :)


Thanks Julian! I try to include everything so I’m really happy it turned out well. The Caribbean and Bahamas are awesome and really fun to fly over

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Really nice pics! Keep it up man!

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Thanks a lot Caleb!

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For real, for real…


Yes it is! I’ve never been to Jamaica, but I definitely want to, it looks awesome

Nice man lovely

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Thanks a lot @AviatorGamerYT!

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What was the problem

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Well, I mean Cupertino is just west of San Jose, so Apple is (kind of)the correct answer

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@Bigbert10, wish there was a Cupertino airport instead… hehehe…

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Yeah but it’s technicallllllly not, but pretty close

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Definitely, I would’ve flown out of there instead

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Literally, Cupertino touches West San Jose 😂