A Summer Morning in Thailand to a Winter Afternoon in Turkey

Last night I flew from Bangkok to Istanbul. I flew it as an overnighter as Bangkok had ATC when I left, and Istanbul was the first featured airport on the ATC Schedule, but like always, Istanbul seemed to be the only airport on the ATC schedule without ATC. I took off from Bangkok around 9:45 AM (9:45 PM for me), flew over the rest of Thailand, India, Iran, some other parts of the Middle East and up into Turkey. Turkish flies their A330-300 on the route in real life, but we don’t have a Turkish A330 so I used the Turkish 77W. My flight time was 9 hours 53 minutes.

Flight Details

Bangkok, Thailand to Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish 643 Heavy
Boeing 777-300ER

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Rotating out of Bangkok on a warm Summer morning as a China Airlines 777-300ER sits at its stand Gear up in the Blue skies of Thailand
The mountains of im not even going to try to write that just northwest of Bangkok The Blue water of the Andaman Sea as we cross the west coast of Thailand The delta of the Kyaukpyu River in Ayeyarwady, Myanmar Cruising over Khandwa East Nimar in central India at a low 32,000 feet The sandy mountains of northwest Iran Approaching Istanbul as a Turkish 737-900 holds short of the runway On final with a blue sky on a winter afternoon in Turkey Flaring in Istanbul as the spoilers deploy

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!


What Should I post tomorrow

  • Vancouver to Palm Springs at Sunrise • Air Canada Rouge A319
  • Beijing to Dallas at Sunrise • American 787-9
  • Los Angeles to Portland at Sunset • American E175
  • Hong Kong to Dubai • Emirates A380

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Looking great as always, and a B777 topic couldn’t be more fitting after the first B777X flight yesterday! Very well done as always! Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful aircraft, beautiful scenery! Keep it up!


Beautiful, Amazing. Great Job 👏

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You shall never stop the beauties you give us!


Thank you! 😊

That 77X was amazing to see takeoff, the other 777s are also super fun to fly though, they’re so big and powerful. The 77W is my favorite plane to fly and amazing scenery always helps!

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Thank you! I’ll try to keep them looking good

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I shall try not to disappoint!

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Thank you @ThomasThePro!!

Great photos, you continue to improve greatly! That 7th photo (the turning one) is just stunning though.

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I love these photos! I really must do this at some point 🤔

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😊 thank you! The views along the flight were stunning the whole way

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You definitely should! It’s a lot of fun to make these posts

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After 30 votes Vancouver to Palm Springs edged out Hong Kong to Dubai so I should have that tomorrow between 3 and 4 PM EST. I flew that route more than a week ago, so the replay was going to be deleted soon