A Suggestion to Improve Clarity and Help New Users on the IFC

Hello everyone,

Today I come to you with a suggestion for the IFC, particularly concerning the roles or tags next to a username.


Right now on the IFC, we have some user roles/tags next to someone’s username, Here’s an example:

The main purpose of these tags (I think) is to show what positions a person has which lets people know what their expertise is and in what situation they can help. So far only people with high-ranking positions like ATC supervisors, moderators, Airport Editing reviewers and TL3s have this. My idea is to have all people who are in a special group like the IFAET or IFATC have these tags.


Let’s create a situation, imagine a new member of the IFC let’s call him, Mark.
Mark has a question about ATC so he makes a topic about it at this point a few things can happen:

1- As soon as Mark creates his topic he gets a response from a Mod or IFATC supervisor/trainer/recruiter. The topic is close and everyone goes on their way.

or 2- Mark gets an overwhelming amount of replies, not all of them trustworthy and not all of them clear and concise.

This is a hypothetical situation, just run with it please :)

Now wouldn’t it be great if there was a little tag that shows that a person is IFATC or IFAET helping Mark know what replies to trust?

Can’t someone just look at a user’s profile where it displays their VA/VO?

That is possible, but the problem with this is it only displays one VA/VO and it is quite annoying to have to look at someone’s profile to know what their role is, this idea also helps add some clarity to a discussion.


Here are some ideas I had for roles:

1. IFATC local
2. IFATC radar
(By defining IFATC controllers as local and radar their roles don’t need to be updated every time they rise a rank)
(Just one role for IFAET since there is no rank system there)
4. VA/VO staff member
(This one is a bit of a stretch, but I would help people who have questions about VA/VO matters)

Won’t It be very time-consuming to add these roles for everyone?

I am going to estimate that there are 500 people mention in the roles I displayed above:

if it takes 20 seconds to add a role for some that’s 500x20 that’s only 2 hours in total spread with all staff and others who add these roles. After that’s only about a few seconds per day to add people.

I’m saying this assuming the roles need to be added to you, not you adding them yourself

Let me know what you think.

This is only a suggestion and I would love to hear your opinions and views, remember to keep it civil


Yes this will definitely be helpful seeing who is atc and their rank like discord, And its not even hard to add a role since their using discourse.


I mean at least for IFATC, a lot of IFATC members listed as their VO, including me. I see what you’re saying though, though I think most of the time this isn’t really needed though. Mainly just for posts related to the specific criteria, such as atc posts, va/vo posts, etc

I do want to see some issues addressed.

  1. The role system isn’t foolproof. How? People in their respective roles can still have a skewed scope of knowledge of whatever field they’re in. This leaves room for the possibility that someone with an IFAET title can have a better answer than someone else with that of IFATC (assuming both are in IFATC).

  2. Titles are shown by choice. Should we just ignore the person who doesn’t want to sport the fact in IFATC despite holding a good amount of knowledge in that field, in favour of less experienced controllers who don’t?

In short, the roles in this case would only show that they’re just in an organisation, not exactly showing elements of reliability in an answer. Besides, we have other methods of bringing out the best answers anyway, be it through likes or being highlighted by moderation.


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