A suggestion on departing Hilo International Airport (PHTO)

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Given the fact that of the main goals of IF Live is striving for realistic flight ops, I would really like to comment on something I notice every time the Hawaii region is packed. Most departing flights from Hilo, especially from Rwy 26, make their climb heading straight out towards inland. As you can see by going over the corresponding aeronautical charts, this isn’t that realistic, as the terrain might be marginal (Two volcanoes and restricted airspace between them). In that order of ideas, it would be great that ideally, all pilots take into account this observation. It is indeed a good idea to bear in mind airways when flying.

If I am wrong, I beg your pardon, just my two cents.


Source: Skyvector.com


I appreciate your effort, but being realistic, if we could get people to use the right taxiways, that would already be great. After 5 hours in PHTO today I can say that about 60% of the aircraft taxi to the runway using the wrong taxiway and that’s a major headache with all of the traffic exiting rwy 26… :(.

For those who are interested, please read this post - you’d help your fellow pilots and ATC a LOT:


Thank you for making this. I always perform this exact departure out of Hilo and I hope others will do the same.

Although some may disagree with doing real world operations in IF, everyone should strive for that. It makes the simulation experience so much better. :)


I am totally agree with you. @Ivan_Lin the point of realism in the Game is very important. But to be honest some Pilots just need an Training in Airport Ground Movement Rules and Regulations paired with a little bit of common sense espacially at Hilo International. So we have to begin with the Basics to provide the best possible Service for everyone. Furthermore we have to consider that the amount of collisions on Ground is much higher than in the Air.

But anyway Thanks for making this Topic. Headache or not it might bring more realism to the Game and this is something we all want.




Great job there! I try and follow these procedures but even on Expert you see people who decide to fly directly over a volcano…


@MannyG Thank you for posting the taxiway information for PHTO, I fly there regularly and will take all of this into account now. @Ivan_Lin I had previously taken off from 26 and gone straight inland to the Kona VOR in order to connect to the airways. Thanks for enlightening the airspace, the quick bank turn to the airway behind now completely makes sense.


I completely agree. I always make a bank to the north after takeoff and then head up in that direction.

Speaking of realism in the Hawaii region, PHNL has a pretty bad problems. In real life arrivals use 08L and departures use 08R. ATC and players always are directed/ direct themselves to 08L for some reason. The only one I can see is laziness.

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Or people just don’t know that like myself.

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I’ve actually tried this before in one of my ATC sessions. It’s definitely tricky to do especially when traffic begins to build up.

You have to be prepared for all the runway crossings since there isn’t a taxiway that directly leads to 08R without crossing 08L.

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Bumping Again for new forum users.

I fly Hawaii region VERY regularly and still seeing many, many unrealistic flight plans / departures / arrivals.

Do not fly between the volcanoes west of Hilo!

Approaches to Runway 8 (YES, runway 8 is used regularly for arrivals contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs) are following the shoreline in a southerly direction, fully configured for landing on left base, final approach turn 1-2 miles out.

Departures from 26 use the chart in the original post (right hand turn up the shoreline), don’t fly straight out and try to climb over the volcanoes.

For Honolulu, departures off runway 8L and 8R (YES, again, 8L is used for some departures, especially inter-island flights) take an immediate right hand turn to between 160-190 degrees to head out over the water. DO NOT depart straight out! You do not fly over the land - that’s directly where all the hotels and beaches are! (Yes, 8L turns do go across 8R path, only one runway should be cleared for takeoff at a time!)


I guess the heavy traffic in this region and in other regions aswell is most of the time unrealistic.
I’m sure it’s a challenge for ATC to keep it realistic.


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I find the traffic in the Hawaiian region a lot less than the real world traffic. Also ATC is barely ever staffed. These issues are occurring on Unicom, with traffic not being an impact.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m talking about just in general times, not the ridiculous Friday night events etc where it’s just absolute madness and realism goes out the window.

Thanks for reposting this. I have still yet to try the short final on 08 at PHTO, I can’t seem to find the right charts, but will give it a go. Normally use the A320 in that region.

Was on TS last night I flew a long final into 26 with a 5kt tailwind which was fun and little challenging, but put her down with little issue to exit so could go direct to the apron.


No charts for the 8 approach, it’s visual only!

There’s a few vids on YouTube to show how it’s done.

That would expand it!!!

I try and avoid the FNFs these days as well, too much traffic makes it in realistic

IFATC aren’t 100% realistic. Just saying…


Thanx for the hot tip… we are more than aware!

This isn’t a gripe against them.

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I always make My depature route like this out of PHTO before making My route towards My destination


Not an easy approach to do well. There’s no nav point or landmark to judge Where to start turn to final. Easy to overdo, and not a lot of space to correct.

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