A Subcategory for Ghostings

This is like a Meta Feature Request.

So you all know the subcategories, right?
#live:groupflights #live:va just to name a few.

We should have a subcategory called “#atc:ghosting” or “#atc:ghostings” for requesting the controllers name who ghosted you, or questions on the reason you were ghosted. I think that this would be a smart implement on the moderators side.

Let me know your thoughts on it below.

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No, #live is enough. I don’t think a come see the negativity topic is a good idea. They can refer to the appeal to ghosts and send a PM to controller


People can use this topic instead.

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We don’t need this. The number 1 way to deal with ghosts is to PM the controller.

However, if you can’t find the controller, you would go through the roster of IFATC controllers @anon79257371 linked


I have edited the request a bit…

No. Just no.

There’s no difference. It’s still making a topic about your ghost which is hugely unnecessary.



All one has to do is find out the name of his/her controller that ghosted him, and PM him to find out the cause of the Ghosting.

I don’t see why that’s a problem.

Making a specific category just for this is not needed, as the steps to finding out your ghosting are rather simple.

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Since it’s not suggested to make topics about your ghostings, there is no need for a whole subcategory. Also please don’t divert a topic by changing your question midstream.

This is not needed and has been asked before.

All ghosting inquiries should be done via PM with the controller. If someone posts a message asking for a controller we find them and close/hide the thread OR convert it to a PM and invite the controller.


This would cause more trouble than when the Android Subscription services shut down for a few hours… Except daily.

Please Close and Unlist topic. I thought it was a smart idea.

It is good that you are thinking about keeping the community organized. However, in this case we already have a workable solution in place.