A Stunning Departure Out of a Small Vermont Airport to a Crystal Clear Day In the Florida Keys

Today I decided to fly a route I’ve wanted to fly for a while. KMVL-KEYW. KMVL is the local airport for Stowe, Vermont, my grandparents lived in Stowe my whole life but they recently moved back down to PA, so being able to fly into the airport in IF is really fun to do. MVL handles Cessna Citations so I would recommend flying in because it is a fun approach between the mountains. I used Skyvector.com to make a custom flight route and flight time 4 hours and 40 minutes in the TBM-930

Flight Details

Morrisville-Stowe to Key West
Airplane: Daher TBM-930
Flight time: 4:40
Flight Plan:

A liftoff from MVL with mountains just a few miles away Slowly ascending past the tallest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield where my family and I went to ski every winter for the past 10 years Leaving the Majestic Green Mountains Behind, flying toward Albany Flying past a cold, windy December day in Philly bound for warmer weather The Barrier Islands of South Carolina below as we cruise at 28,000 feet Flying by Miami before flying over the Keys Flying over the Turquoise water of Florida Flying the downwind leg toward runway 9 Approaching the short 5,000 foot runway A rough touchdown in Key West

As always, please let me know your thoughts on the photos!


Fantastic shots! Love the changes in scenery along the way, really well done!

And once again I love those remarks on the pictures, looks like some expensive magazine!

Thanks for sharing!


Sweet photos and their great quality!

I got to go to Key West on a cruise, and there is chickens that run around everywhere! pretty funny.


Thank you! I’ve started putting more effort into these posts and I think it’s working out so far

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You can really notice that and it’s great too see, thank you for that!

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I love this topic! Excellent commentary and great photos! Exactly the type of post this category was made for 👏🏼


I like the way you added titles and information to the pictures :)


I’ve been through Stowe before, it has amazing views! Nice pictures.


Thanks! I wish I could go see those chickens 😂

Great job. Love the Info on the sides very unique! 🙌

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Nice!! Great photos and commentary. Makes me wanna fly this route myself 😁

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I really love the seventh shot!!

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Great photos. Bring us more!


Good shots, thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot! I’ve recently starting doing it and I like it too

The views and mountains are really cool in real life!

Thanks! I guess people like the extra info and I think it’s fun adding it

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Thanks! If you fly it from South to North In the Citation it will take less than 2 and a half hours 😉

That’s awesome! I live south of there. At 0B7! Nice pictures! I think I can see my house from here lol

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Thanks! #7 is my favorite too :)

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