A strange transatlantic route

Gday IFC!

The other day I was looking for some interesting flights to do and I found a very strange transatlantic flight which I’ve never seen before, that route was LTFM(Istanbul)- SVMI. (Caracas)

I found this route to be very strange because Venezuela is going through a major crisis right now and it is heavily adviced not to go there. Furthermore you don’t usually find any scheduled transatlantic flights from SVMI apart from the occasional Charter.

The majority of destinations are within South America such as SKBO, MPTO and domestic routes so when I saw that Turkish Airlines flys to SVMI from LTFM regularly I knew immediately I had to try this route. So let’s do that!

This route in real life is operated by a Turkish Airlines Boeing 789, but since we don’t have that livery I used the a359. Anyways we’ve just departed out of LTFM just shy of 2am.

Cruising over Split, Croatia

Crossing the Alps bordering between France and Switzerland

Cruising over Bordeaux, France. Leaving Europe

Skimming accross the Azores. More specifically Ponta Delgado

Coming towards the back end of the flight, cruising between the beautiful Islands of Guadaloupe and Dominica!

The sun is beginning to rise. Seems to be a pretty overcast morning over the Venezuelan Tourist island of Los Roques.

Descending into SVMI, turning away from the capitals seaside mountains.

Turning to final approach ILS RWY10

And after 11 hours and 38 minutes we have made it to the Capital of Venezuela! The landing was certainly one of my better ones to make this flight even better!

This flight was one of my favourite ever transatlantic flights. Through the flight we flew over some beautiful countries and cities. The flight plan took us through Sofia, Sarajevo, Split, San Marino, Turin, Bordeaux, The Azores, Guadaloupe, Dominica, Los Roques and of course Caracas!

A lot of those places I’ve always wanted to see in IF and I got to see them all in one flight, plus the overcast sunrise on final approach made it even better, and just how unique this flight is. Except from the occasional Charter flight to LEMD this is currently the only transatlantic flight you’ll find in Venezuela! I highly recommend trying this flight of you like long haul flights! SVMI alone has one of the most beautiful approaches you’ll ever find!

Thanks very much for coming along today! Enjoy the rest of your day!


I like the last photo 🤩

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Indeed! The RWY10 approach in SVMI is one of the most scenic approaches I’ve done!

@Alex_Kraz COME HERE!!!


Just so u know that picture is the Azores! The picture above that one was Bordeaux

Well I know what one of my next flights will be!

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I guarantee you will enjoy this flight!

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Very interesting flight! Loved those screenshots!

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Wondered too when seeing the flight yesterday of FR24

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Great photos! Definitely need to fly this route sometime

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Funnily enough I did this exact route last month

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The return leg of this flight makes a stop in Havana to load up some passengers - but turkish isn’t allowed to carry passangers from Caracas to Havana

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