A strange INVINCIBILITY BUG in the game

Hi,i shall you had a good time with the game but i have found a bug in it that cause the plane to be invincible in few circumstances.I am a new user but an old player of the game,then i can not add any pictures now,because i am new here.Then imagine that a fast plane,like F-14 reaches 1000knts of spead!it is simple by decreasing the Altitude with 90 degrees to hit a random airport’s asphalt or etc. In some circumstances,your plane will go under the aiport to half.then it will Do a Pitch (turning of the plane at the lateral axis) until it will STOP and simply touches the ground WITHOUT ANY GEAR! and now you can call your plane INVINCIBLE!

Why were you doing a nosedive into the airport in the first place 😂?

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Once when I crashed a Citation X, it bounced off the ground.

I am board of smooth landing planes for hours on my device.trying new things!
Just trying a little bit harder maneuvers!

Sounds fair. Always good to try something new

Yea 😁try it yourself if you have a Jet

Yes,me 2,I did this maneuver with Airbus A380-800 too,(note:with 0% cargo loaded!) and the same thing happened at the high speeds

I can get no vioaltions in a fighter jet. Its easy. All you have to do is climb to 40,000 feet and then dive down straigt into the ground and then you dont get any violations. I enjoy abusing this on atc playground

Lol 😁 nice idea