A storytime, a question and an advice

Hey everyone! How’s your days going?

Mine? Well…

I participated in the IFVARB summit (which was great btw,congrats to all the team) From Madrid to Bogotá, i was around 1 hour away to my destination, everything was fine UNTIL i noticed my dear and lovable brother was touching the screen of my phone. And when i saw the screen, the most terrorific message appeared… CRASH.

I lose around 9 hours of flight and i got a level 1 violation for descending at -12000v/s at mach 0.84.

So what did i learned today? KEEP YOUR PHONE IN A SAFE PLACE.

Im also wondering if there’s any app or function which helps blocking my screen from a curious kid like my brother. Im using Android.

So, did you guys had some experience like this one?

What’s the dumbest violation you received?


Well that’s unfortunate! Definitely can relate to that one though, again, unfortunately, haha.

IOS has a feature called guided access which disables all functionality of the touch screen while still running the program that us currently on. Guided Access is used for a few different things but I’ve had it come in handy when flying on infinite flight. I believe Android has a similar feature called screen pinning.

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I have a feeling this could go here. Funny story though!


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