A stay at JFK’s TWA Hotel

Hello all!
I’ve had the privilege of staying at the brand new TWA hotel at JFK airport. Although I live about an hour away, I’m as surprised with the ability to stay the night before my 8am departure tomorrow morning.

If you would like to learn more about the TWA hotel, check out this very informative topic by @Guxk

Anyways, let begin the journey. We parked at the terminal 4 parking garage, and took the AirTrain over to JetBlue’s terminal 5. From here, we walked down towards the check in area, before turning right and heading to the elevator.
In fact, an elevator meant for TWA hotel travelers!

After a short walk, we enter the main TWA building. Greeted with warm music from above, we headed to the check in counter. However, the TWA hotel has AvGeek material everywhere, and on the way I stopped by a fully functioning “old fashioned” arrival board. I don’t know the technical term, but the letters were flipping and spinning, and it was really neat!

The hotel offers many places to relax, do some work, or meet new people. Check out this awesome seating area!

Up to the room we go! The room had a great runway view, and is located staring directly at the 22L/R and 4L/R runways, and the outer ramps of terminal 4.
(This image was taken later on during the day)

Obviously, no trip to the TWA hotel is not complete without a visit to the pool, with an amazing view of the ramp from above!

In addition to the hotels sights, we went outside to see Connie, a Lockheed Constellation.
This specific aircraft has plenty of history behind it though. It was commissioned in 1939 by TWA’s owner Howard Hughes, and broke the transcontinental record time with a flight from Burbank, California to New York. In addition, this aircraft served as Air Force One to President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50s.

Here is a great photo from the outside!

Although we aren’t allowed in, the flight deck door is open for photos!

It’s always fun to get a wing view photo from any aircraft, and this was no different.

Although some of the original seats were kept, half of the aircraft was converted into a bar for travelers to relax and socialize.

Back outside again, I couldn’t resist taking another photo to enjoy the beauty of this aircraft.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this amazing experience. The TWA offers a trip back in time, complete with creative organization and ideas. The food court area was designed to look like the check in counters and luggage drop of area, and there are museums and exhibits throughout the hotel giving guests the ability to learn all about the history of TWA.

I’m really happy to be able to share this experience, and sitting here typing this with an Avianca A330 being pushed back right next to me makes this a stay to remember for a lifetime!


Very grateful to you for sharing this amazing adventure with us…
Great photos!
Thank you!


Wow, what an awesome experience!

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That’s awesome! I’m going to try to stay there next time I’m departing from JFK

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If you don’t mind me asking, what was the rate per night for a room?

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I just checked online, and it looks about $200.

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@bcc.123 the rate for a normal room is $200 per night. A room with a runway view is $300. This is before taxes.

ahh thanks. @BluePanda900

Considering that that’s not a standard hotel like a Hilton or one of those and that it’s at the airport (hotels on airport property tend to be a bit more than those just outside of it) and that its “specially themed” $200-$300usd per night seems kind of reasonable

Yeah and you would be staying there for only a night, maybe 2 so its not too bad

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