A starry, moonlit, night, above the northern Pacific Ocean

An Asiana Boeing 747 cruising over the northern Pacific Ocean during a clear, starry night while en route to Anchorage!

✈️: B747-400
πŸ“: Seoul - Anchorage (RKSI - PANC)
Server: Expert
Editing: PicsArt
VA: Asiana

See you in the skies!βœˆοΈπŸŒŒπŸ‡°πŸ‡·

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@ Airborne_Canuck

I assumed this type of editing is permitted considering stars are already in the game. :)


For a second I thought it said a Stally night lol! Nice photos tho congrats!!

Great picture! Glad you flew to Anchorage. This is a route I don’t see people do often, even if I’m β€œspotting” from LiveFlight.


All I can say is… wow!

Nice picture.😍😍😍


I’ve been thinking of doing this route, representing Asiana Cargo, but I never have.

Which runway did you land on at PANC?

Nice Sky Man πŸ‘
can take that picture


ILS was closed.

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flips table

Anyway, you didn’t show a pic, so I’ll pretend you landing on 7R :)

Nice pics anyway πŸ‘

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That’s a nice shot!

Haha, my original flight path was for 7R but when I was on approach it was closed so I went downwind to 25R haha.

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15 is the alternate for that, lol. Also, always check the actual winds. The orange, green, and red numbers are sometimes off.

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Cool man!!!