A stange white dot on the 737BBJ

I was fly Just a gewoon minute ago at the airport KNUC and I say a strange place on my aircraft.

iPad 4
IOS 9.2

I only see letters

There we go :D

Anyway, what should we see?

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It is strange

Ok, what is strange? I dont see anything that is “out of norm”

Wait a moment


Do you see it

Obviously, you have a huge red arrow covering half the screen pointing at it.


But look at that place look!

“But look at that place look!”. What does that even mean?

See you that whit little place at the plane?

Uh, what…?

Look good there is a whit dot

I don’t understand what you are saying… Is your first language English?

Ahh I understand… hmm lemme check my BBJ to see if its rendering bugg.

Yepp, I see it too. You were right! :)


Yeah they is a white dot there

Keegan you are also new here, take it easy. Try and avoid condescending fellow users. English may not be his first language, just remember that 95% of the global population don’t speak English, we are in a minority my friend.

Anyway, staying on topic, yes I can see the white dot, might perhaps be a rendering issue or graphic glitch. I’m sure @philippe will be happy to take a look.

All the best!


He is Dutch. Please stop being… a bit harsh.