A Spotting Guide to KATL (Atlanta)

Atlanta is the worlds busiest airport, which has some amazing spotting to say the least. For those of you who live in the area and want to know the best locations, or those of you who are in town for a bit, let me inform you of how to do this properly. From a atlantin to you, enjoy!

This is ATL if you didn’t know. If you want to use these locations below, you can see what they look at in this photo

International Parking Garage

Photos from this location

Porsche Center, Porsche Hotel, and Parking Lot
To go to the hotel, you don’t need a room, just walk in and go to the bar at the top floor that has an open roof, the center itself, you need a reservation but there food is good so it’s fine lol. The Parking Lot does have 24/7 surveillance so just don’t stay too long.

Photos from these locations (SWA - Parking Lot, Delta is Hotel)

Renaissance Hotel
Now for this, I highly recommend spending the night, but you can also eat at the restaurant without having a room.

North and South Domestic Parking Garages
The south garage has a better view than north, but if the takeoffs and landings are not directly in front of the garage, go to the International garage.

Well I hope this helped! Now go out there and get some good photos! Can’t wait to see your spotting topics


Awesome little guide here. I may do one for LGA 👀

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Wow nice guide if I ever go spotting in Atlanta I will use this!

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Nice spotting guide, also leading the worlds largest airport with plenty of spotters out there. I love the hub of Delta and Atlanta is awesome. 👌

I am thinking of creating a Spotting Guide thread altogether maybe, which will include a Wiki for all airports. Or else go for the separate threads altogether.


Yeah, you should. Just add a link to each of these thread

Nice spotting guide!
If I were to go to Atlanta I would also do some car spotting :D

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Please! I’d love to see one :)


Oh yeah, we got everything here

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