A special yet non-special feature. The Fuel Dump Button

Ahoy there IF Fans!! Some of you might remember me from my previous post @WhyamIbadatlandings. I am known as HitarthB744 in the Community.

Now, we all know Infinite Flight is great. There are amazing features and options. And one such option is… The Fuel Dump Option!! A great addition to the sim and extremely useful for various purposes and emergencies.

So, one day I’m just playing around with the Boeing 747-400 'round Changi and this option caught my eye. I pressed it but it said that I didn’t have enough fuel for a dump. Then I tried it again on the ground with a large amount of fuel. But it said Minimum ALT for a Dump is 7000ft AGL. I took off and started the dump.
Now. I’ve seen enough of aviation to know what a dump looks like. The fuel level was dropping drastically BUT I couldn’t see fuel flying out of the aircraft. Even though the fuel dump was on nothing was seen.

I would really appreciate it if the devs considered adding animation of the fuel flying out of the plane during a dump. It would be fun and more realistic.

Thanks, HitarthB744.


Hello! This feature is yet to be added to IF. Also, Feature topics can be made when you are TL2 don’t worry, you will get there soon 👍

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Thank you for your post today, we appreciate you being here. This post belongs in the #features category, for which you must be at Trust Level 2 (TL2).

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time!