A Special Visitor @ KLAS

Whatsup Aviators,

I was able to go to McCarran Airport to spot for 2 hours and I do not regret it!

On the way, I was able to spot the Golden Knights A319 Allegiant! It came from Phoenix.

So when I arrived to my spot, I got to see the 500th 737 which was Southwests 737-700! You can see the Nose Art :) It arrived from San Diego.

After that was the United pencil (757) as it arrived from Washington D.C.

Next up is one of my favorites which was a British Airways 777-200ER from London Gatwick.

So now is the Special Visitor, Sheldon Adelson who owns Sans Corporate Jets and the Venetian arrives in Las Vegas from Louisiana!

A Delta 737-900ER arrives in Vegas with a dirty belly from Atlanta

A Southwest 737-800 Heart arrives from Denver!

Lastly, to end the day, we have a Southwest 737-700

I have much more BUT,

(@anon38496261 )

This is Tony. Tony needs to not break into airports any more. He could get himself and other people very hurt 😔

If you or a loved one have recently been affected by a bird strike, dial +1 (800) 096-TONY. That’s +1 (800) 096-TONY


Lol Great photos! Keep it up!

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Tony and the birds!

It worked!

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Ayyyyy!! How’d Tony make it all the way down there?

Those are some awesome pics by the way :)


He took a plane 😈

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Or it can be the power of


Or he might’ve stolen a plane.
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With the best seat… right inside the left engine

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I love this livery!

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Ikr! I wish I could’ve gotten it on my actual camera but I didn’t have enough time as I beat it by 8 seconds xD

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Knowing my Allegiant planes I’d say that’s ship 302.

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Great pics bro!

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Nice pics! I tried calling the number but no one answered :(

That’s Southwest’s 500th 737 :)
I’ve also caught her here in Denver back in November! Nice pictures!

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