A Special Visitor At Antwerp (ANR/EBAW)

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So a bit over a week ago, on the 9th of December, me and my mate had to go to Antwerp Airport after an exam to go sort out our entry permits, since we get school lessons on the airport grounds there. And it just so happened that a very special visitor came to the airport a day prior. So we both decided to take out cameras with us.

Weather conditions weren’t the greatest (as per usual), but you can’t have everything am right?

Also, I really didn’t take many photos, so this topic won’t have 10 photos like usual.

As per usual, these shots are edited.

Basic information:

  • Landing runway: 29
  • Departing runway: 29
  • Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 100-400mm

And now, the photos!

First up, when we had just left the terminal after getting everything in order with our entry permits, we were making our way to the entrance gate to go test out our badges. Then this Eurocopter AS 355N (OO-HSA) flew over us for a landing.

After we made our way to the entrance gate, and walked a short distance onto the apron, we managed to get some decent shots of the special visitor.

The one and only (literally) Aegean Airbus A319 (SX-DGF) sitting parked on the apron, after having chartered a Greek football team to Antwerp the day prior. This is special in two ways. One: There’s only 1 A319 in Aegean’s fleet, and two: This is the first time an A319 visited Antwerp Airport.

Right next to that was a TUI Embraer E190 (OO-JEB). Normally TUI is the only airline to fly in and out of Antwerp, and the E190 is the biggest aircraft normally here.

And then a shot of the two of them together, because why not?

Parked on the other apron (where we were standing) was this Cessna 177RG (N177SL). I’m guessing this has been there a while, and probably won’t fly any time soon.

And lastly, we stuck around for one arrival, this Cessna Citation CJ3 (LX-FPF) exiting the runway after landing.

And that’s that! I apologise for the short topic, but we were literally there for only like 30 minutes, and Antwerp isn’t exactly a busy airport.

Anyway I hope you all liked the shots, please do let me know what you thought of them, and I’ll be plugging my Instagram again soooo… check it out?

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See you in the next one everybody!


Amazing shots as usual! That first heli shot is great and probably my favorite although the cessna cockpit is looking nice!


Thank you! And I agree, I do like the helicopter shots and that Cessna.

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Weird, it’s American registered, how’d it get to Antwerp?

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I have absolutely no idea. I’ve seen quite a lot of November registered aircraft in and around Belgium. I guess a lot of them must be registered under the same company but just fly at different places.

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