A special Thank You to the Infinite Flight Team

I would like to congratulate all the staff on the front end and the back end for the release of 20.2. It is a great work. I really appreciate all of your staff for the great success of your update. Hope to see your app grow in the years to come. Wish your team best of luck in the future.


The devs never fail to impress! Applause 👏


Awesome work guys…Really appreciate the hard work you put into this update🙌🙌🙌💚


Thank you Rohan, we appreciate the kind words and we hope you enjoy the update! It’s great to see everyone trying out everything we’ve been working hard on for the past few months

We’d really appreciate it if you left a nice review on the Play Store/App Store if you have some time as it helps us reach more people :)


Nothing beats the feeling of getting nice reviews by the community after working on something for a long time. Good job devs again

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My IF has improved a lot un terms of performance thank IF Team with the official release of 20.2!🥳


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