A Special Tea (Get It? :) @KSJC ~ March 2020

Hey everyone!

I’m back with some amazing photos from… KSJC! I decided to ditch KSFO for once and go to KSJC (@BigBert10). I had some trouble finding good places to spot, and it was almost 4:30 PM when I finally found out and reached the hourly garage.

Anyways, I got some of my best pictures yet, with a very special plane in the background. It’s not even supposed to be there, but today is @AlphaSeven and @BigBert10’s lucky day. Huh, a lucky day for both of the B’s.

Let’s get right into it.

Let’s start with a nice picture of a United plane…

Then the Southwest 737 taking off before turning around at around 16,000 feet.

Then we find the Air Canada CRJ-900LR from… duh, Canada! (Hehehe, I think it was from CYVR)

A Southwest 737 taxiing off… we still haven’t reached the specials. Save it for the end of tea.

Then we got a Delta E175LR… where are the specials? Here we go for the next one…

Aha! Here is the Delta A220 taxiing to gate after a long-journey from KSLC!

And here’s the A220 parked! Unlucky, concrete. The last three pictures are going to be very special!

Yes, that’s it! The Alaska B738 with the iconic Eskimo!

Another picture of the iconic eskimo before it parks. Now for the last special, I didn’t take it from the garage, but it’s going to be crazy…


@AlphaSeven, your favorite airline has a plane parked in KSJC right now! Qatar’s going to take over the Bay Area! It’s the Qatar Executive G650 (Gulfstream 650)

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures! I think KSJC is an amazing place to take pictures… I will probably go a few more times to KSJC for planespotting again… definitely underrated, but astonishing!

Thanks and until next time :)


Great photos!

Wait til you hear about Alaska Airlines coming in from… Texas 👀

(Also the CR9 came in from YVR)


That’s a little far


Oh shoot. @AndrewWu, I’ll fix that immediately. hehehe, you all saw nothing.

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I can’t wait to see Berts reaction to this

And nice photos :)

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Thanks, can’t wait to see BravoCharlie’s as well :)

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Ooh, I see that Qatar Executive 😉 Great shots mate!

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I love the Canyon blue :)
great shots!

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Thank you @AlphaSeven and @Luke_Sta!


Wow. That Qatar is a beauty! Nice pics!

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Thank you @Vignesh_S!

Nice pictures, but I actually go to a different spotting location where you can see all the arrivals and they’re really close. In front of Avaya Stadium and the Starbucks, you can see a little park with a parking lot and it’s really nice to spot.

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Thank you @GlobalFlyer1!

Is it the Chevron? I think this is better. I can get takeoff and arrivals from the parking lot.

My initial spot was a parking spot across the Chevron, but it had a fence :(

It is Vancouver. Nice catchs tho

San Francisco Better

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Yep @Alex_L, SFO is better for variety, but I think SJC is equally good.

Yep, San Jose compared to Oakland, there’s a little problem with Oakland.

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Fewer variety of airlines, and barely any international flights at Oakland…

I think OAK is only down to 3-4 international destinations all in Mexico on Volaris.

Norwegian left, LEVEL left, Azores left, BA left.

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Yep, that sums them up.

Well @BigBert10 is definitely happy 😃

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