A Special Sunset Arrival @EIDW 13th December

Hello IFC. Today I hopped in a metal box which moves (car) and went down to the airport for some McDonald’s. Oh and to see some planes too. With clear(ish) skies and the early winter sunset I got some nice shots! The focus of this topic is a very special and new retro livery on an A321neo which arrived at 3pm local during the early winter sunset.

Airport Operations Info

Departing runways: 28
Arriving Runways: 28


Canon 500D
55-250mm lens

1 // First up is a Bombardier G6000 (CS-GLA) from NatJets.

2 // Next we have a Qatar 787-8 (A7-BCG) rotating for a regular service to Doha.

3 // A Schipol bound KLM 737-800 (PH-BCA).

4 // An Aer Lingus A321neoLR (EI-LRD) headed to Boston on a daily service.

5 + 6 // And now what you’ve all been waiting for! A brand new TAP Air Portugal retro livery on CS-TJR.

7 // As some of you would know next up is my favourite aircraft; EI-GEV an ATR42-600.

8 // Next up is my personal favourite shot of the day. A UPS 767 (N391UP) getting ready to be rolled out of the hanger.

9 // EI-DEA was a previously leased aircraft from Allegiant in Las Vegas by Aer Lingus however the A320 is to be flown back to the States after having been painted back into the Allegiant livery. The registration has yet to be changed as you can see in the photo. Sadly I could only get this angle through a fence.

10 // The same UPS 767 (N391UP) after leaving the hanger!

And that brings up to the end! Hope you enjoyed :) Be sure to let me know which was your favourite!


Stunning as always @Ryan_Gibb. That TAP Retro is looking slick, I love the hanger shot as well. Very well done


The retro TAP livery stands out very well against the moody sky, awesome shots!


Really great pictures! Love the one at the hangar! One of the best spotting topics I have seen!

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Great shots!! My favorite one is the TAP Retro livery.

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Transtlantic on the A321neo. So the XLR Is nonsense ;)

Great shots!


Probably the most diverse selection of planes in this! Love it!

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Thanks Luke 🙏

Thanks mate! 😁

Thanks 😊

Me too! Definitely a beautiful livery 😍

Thanks mate! I used to refer to them as A321neoLRs but then someone told me that was wrong and told me A321neo was the right term. Which is correct?

Thanks mate! One of my favourite spotting sessions that’s for sure!


Brilliant shots Ryan!!

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Me looking at planes I don’t see every day; nice, nice, Allegiant???


Already excited :)

Some fantastic pictures as always and especially the TAP A321NEO is a stunner. One of the better retro liveries very well captured! Thanks for sharing!

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It does highly depend on the fact, which plane you have. All three look fairly similar, but have different ranges and so on.

Air Portugal that’s both an A321NEOLR fleet (A321-251NX) as can be identified by the NX, as well as A321NEOs like CS-TJI (A321-251N), as can be seen with the N.

The Retro jet is therefore a A321LR as far as I am aware, but from what I know not in the trans-Atlantic subs fleet of Air Portugal, which have a registration starting with CS-TX.

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The APU’S do be looking thicc in them pics

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As for the UPS the UPS had to return to Dublin as the right engine failed. So they had to bring in a UPS registered as N583UP 747-400 brought a new engine in from Cologne and then departed for Louisville at 7pm yesterday

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Thanks bro

Haha I certainly wasn’t expecting to see one at Dublin 😂

Thanks mate 😄 definitely a sexy time one for sure.

Ah I see. So if I was talking about an A321neoLR would I refer to it as an A321LR, A321neoLR or A321NX? 😂

Indeed they do

Really disappointed I didn’t get to see that 747


Yeah, that would be technically the right thing to do… I am personally always more than fine with using A321NEO if it’s not about the range aspect or a technical discussion though :)

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These are some incredible shots!

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That Aer Lingus And Allegiant Air look beautiful👍

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Thanks mate! ❤️

Thanks 🙂 was certainly a surprise seeing an Allegiant and Dublin lol

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