A special flight | Houston to Doha | Qatar A350-900

Houston to Doha

As promised, with ATC in Texas, I decided to fly to Doha. This was a special flight for me because I hit 3,000 hours halfway through this flight. Thank you all for being so great, hopefully I can get to 5k soon!
I had a night time departure out of Houston’s 8R, then climbed to 33,000 and then stayed at 35,000 until Turkey, where I climbed to 39,000 and eventually 41,000 before a sunset arrival in Doha. Enough talking, let’s g e t i t

Flight "Deets"

Callsign: Qatari 714 Heavy
Aircraft: A350-900
Flight time: 14:48


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Loading mango juice for @Captain_JR, along with some golf clubs and balls to keep @NoahM entertained during this long haul.

Rotating out of Houston’s 8R with lots of Mango juice on board

Hitting 3,000 hours as the sun rises :)

idk what to say, i saw the moon, it looked purty so uh yeah

Admiring the mountains of Iraq as the sun begins to slip away

Putting the gear down in the pink skies of Doha (@BravoCharlie)

Destroying the landing gear on runway 34R!

Another shot of my hospitalizing landing :)

Aaand at the gate in Doha as the cabin crew clean up all the empty Mango Juice boxes JR went through.

Thanks guys, vote for your fave!

  • IAH gate shot
  • rotatay
  • hungary 3k shot
  • Moon shot
  • baghdad wing view
  • other baghdad shot
  • gear down
  • landing gear destroyed #1
  • gear destroyed #2
  • DOH gate shot

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Stunning photos, @Suhas! That’s all I can say, awesome work!

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DUDE! Those photos are fantastic! I wish I could learn how to blur out that background, makes it look so realistic. What application do you use to edit?


You can use google snap seed To blur out only a certain area if you want @Jack_Q

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I sent you a PM :)
Thanks a lot @Butter_Boi glad you enjoyed!

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  1. Cool shots again

  2. Couldn’t find any grammar mistakes :(

  3. [quote=“Suhas_Jatla, post:1, topic:453683”]
    golf clubs and balls to keep @NoahM entertained
    [/quote] howwwww did you knowwww!!! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that

Edit 4: how did I somehow mess that up

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I saw you at kiah.lol

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Those were really cool shots😊

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@NoahM I’m a 🧙‍♂️
@Austrian001 Cool, missed you.
@Carolina_Taylor thanks a lot! Glad you liked them 😁

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Holy moly these are incredible!

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Yeah, I know 😎
Lol, glad you enjoyed, more on the way 😈😁

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No, you’re scary about how you know that. 90% of the people in my school don’t know that, only really my friends. I might’ve mentioned it once in like January but I don’t think I really ever have 😂

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Interesting, votes are tied at exactly 50/50 for HKG-TLV vs DOH-SEZ

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Not anymore 😉

Wow, those are amazing 😍

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Stunning, and stunning as usual! Always love that blur. Great light and scenery! Nice job.

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Thanks guys!

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That photo over Hungary… you can feel the cold air at that altitude!

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Haha, thanks! I actually hit 3000 hours that exact moment, special photo for me :)

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