A special Australian Airport

Hello Community or shall I say “G’Day”,

As we all know, Melbourne is one of the long awaited airports to be released in Infinite Flight. Welll I am happy to let you all know that it is indeed in development and coming along slowly (very slow and I am sorry).

There is still a lot of work with remaking pier E and G along with fixing up the maintenance and adding the private jet terminal, not to mention the 2D part.

Anyways here are the much awaited screenshots of the airport below, enjoy and I hope you don’t go too crazy


MELBOURNE! Awesome to see more Australian love!

@Olegend049 Will like this

Glad to see YMML in 3D development…, great job @Chris_Hoss thanks, can’t wait to fly my favorite route from Denpasar to Melbourne.

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But you doing a great job

Thanks, life has been getting a bit busy and with work on week days it’s hard to edit all the time but it is coming together


Beautiful City, Beautiful Airport. Our Pilots can’t wait to fly out of this Qantas Hub! 🦘


Still waiting for good news from Perth and Brisbane :)

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Finally I can fly to Melbourne soon

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Can’t wait!

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Oh my god oh my god I’ve been waiting forever! Cannot wait to fly to YMML soon!

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Hey, would it be possible to add the spotting area on Sunbury Road north of runway 16?

I have handed this airport off to a local @Thor_Jensen so I am pretty sure he will add them.

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Ok, cheers for the reply!

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Im going to be adding all 4 spotting areas in…

16 Sunbury Road, Melbourne airport view point 34, Operations road (end of RWY 34), T4 Carpark Roof top 34/16/09.

I have found a spot for 27, but just need to see the logistics if it will work or not…

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Thank you so much for adding them in, it will be great getting a new perspective on the viewing areas I go to irl!

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Almost a month later and I see this… Great job so far! Very excited for it to be released!


Melbourne!! Can’t wait for it

Nice! if it’s that npc guy with the camera then I am very excited for landing there thinking that if it was real it would be snapping picture or video of the beautiful birds landing at Melbourne airport!

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By ‘npc guy’ do you mean @Moritz? He’s a photographer who appears quite a few times at 3D airports around the world (in IF)