A Space Update - (Please Close This, Thanks)

Hi guys,

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a new space update. Would you like to meet some aliens and maybe go UFO spotting. Well you’ve come to the right place.

What Will it contain?

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  • The ability to go to the sun and on the Moon
  • Other Planets can be added
  • Space Stations on the Moon
  • An Aircraft launcher at KXTA (Area 51) which can take an aircraft into space
  • UFO’s
  • The ability to come back to Earth from Space
  • Astroids
  • Mars

Why vote for this feature?

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  • It will make our game much more realistic with the ability to go to different planets
  • It adds an interesting touch to Infinite Flight
  • This not only adds the fun on the ground but in the air
  • Some lovely scenery especially in Mars which includes Mt Olympus


Everyone loves a realistic flight simulator. So why don’t we add this feature to make it even more realistic and advanced than ever before!

I don’t knowwwwww
Would it be cool, kind of, I guess

But I would literally never use it

And For that reason, I’m out

Interesting request tho 🧐


Yes, we need this! Clearing a bite as soon as I can so I can vote for this! A realistic interpretation of space is a must for realism in the sim.


It’s ok, but hopefully we can make this come alive


This would ruin the whole point of having an established flight simulator. Infinite Flight is a flight simulator not a space simulator. They’d need to get scenery information for planets as well. Also, do you expect someone to sit at their device for 300 days to get to Mars? This would also bring performance issues. It would be hard to develop physics for space as well as rockets handle differently up in space as you probably know. It’d be a whole overhaul. There are other space simulators just for this.


it’s only gonna be a few planets like mars, the moon and the sun

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Thanks for showing the support! @Butter_Boi


This man has a point. It may be cool, but there are issues with implementing it too.

Ok still the moon takes 3 days to get there. Scenery will be so hard to obtain for planets.

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I don’t know how I feel about this. IF is a flight simulator. Not a space simulator. I don’t think this is something IF would have any plans of working on.

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It includes flying, X plane has planets, FSX has planets why can’t IF

I think this is an interesting idea but I do not see this happening as others have said this is a flight simulator and not a space simulator and also I literally would never use this future.


Flight Sim. Not Space Sim. Flight Sim.


It also includes the ground as well so you can fly around with any aircraft

no one likes it lol

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the ground for other planets or earth?

But this is IF we are talking about. IF is an airplane flight simulator. Not Kerbal space program. I don’t see this happening.

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for both planets and earth

Yeah. Maybe (if possible) they could implement a warp speed setting for space flight. It may not be possible, but where’s the harm in having ideas? 🤷🏻‍♂️

There would be some problems with this. IF is a flight simulator, but it would be nice to take a trip up to the moon and land there. This may not happen soon, but I see it happening eventually.

@infiniteflight_17, this wasn’t meant to be aimed directly at you.

I could see IF making a whole new sim based around space, but I don’t think that would happen for a LONG time.

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