A South American Sunrise Over the Andes into Santiago

I flew between JFK and Santiago, Chile to take advantage of 3 things,

  1. Getting ATC at JFK on takeoff
  2. Having a great sunrise over the Andes
  3. Getting to use the LATAM 789 which you may know I’m pretty obsessed with. Flight time was 8 hours and 53 minutes and 10 photos can’t show you how great the flight was but I seriously recommend any flight to Santiago
    A Late Night Rotation out of New York
    After 7 and a half hours of darkness, the first rays of light hit our plane flying over the Pacific Coast of South America We Cross over the Northern Border of Chile as the Sun Continues to rise over the towering mountains of the Andes About 15 minutes before we start descending into Santiago the Sun is still shining off the amazing Andes We start our final approach on a clear blue Chilean morning Touchdown on Runway 17L. Welcome to Santiago 🇨🇱

Please give me your honest feedback!


Very nice shots! I especially liked the flight deck shot and the landing in Santiago!

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