A somewhat rare find: LH Cargo A321F at Frankfurt

I was departing EDDF and snapped this A321F being towed. This is 1 of only 4 A321Fs in Lufthansa’s cargo fleet (which includes 17 B77Fs), an aircraft type they’ve only started flying since Spring 2022. Obviously not an artistically beautiful shot, but I thought I’d share anyways!!


Be honest: did you know LH had A321Fs in their cargo fleet?

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Great shot! I think I saw one a321p2f on the cargo gate when I was in Frankfurt a few days ago


Exciting find! I’d really like to see them too, but I haven’t yet.

By the way, (at least) two of them were converted to A321F in Singapore Seletar XSP and I had a great time recreating the ferry flights in Infinite Flight with stopovers in Malta, Dubai DWC or Muscat and Bangkok DMK.

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Thats really interesting, thanks for sharing!