A Snowy Day in Minnesota to a Clear Day in Paradise


Yesterday I had the random feeling that I really wanted to fly the 757, and I obviously wanted to fly into Kona like I always do. (The 757 is easily my favorite plane, prove me wrong) so I looked for some routes and found that I could fly Minneapolis to Seattle, which Delta flies with a 757 in real life, and then Seattle to Kona, which Delta also flies in real life with the 757. I took off from a Snowy Minneapolis (yes, it was actually snowing there, so it’s realistic:) and flew to Seattle where I landed around 12:10 PST. After a little while at the gate I flew from Seattle down to a warm day in Kona where I arrived in Kona at 4 PM in Kona. Flight time from Minneapolis to Seattle was 2 hours and 46 minutes and Seattle to Kona took exactly 5 hours.

Flight Details

Minneapolis to Seattle to Kona
Delta 643 / 644
2:46 • 5:00 • 7:46


Climbing out of Minneapolis on a Snowy, winter Minnesotan day After Flying over North Dakota and the brown plains of Montana, we start to descend through the mountains of Washington into Seattle. Putting the gear down as we approach Seattle Touching-down in Seattle ready for a trip to Hawaii After a little while in Seattle we lift off in the shadow of Mount Rainier Climbing out of Seattle with a great view of the Pacific Northwest Climbing (yes, I’m actually climbing in that photo) past the Olympic Mountain Range bound for warmer weather After hours over the open ocean we descend toward Kona past the South-Shore Volcano of Maui as we overfly the small town of Hana. Fun fact: Mokulele Airlines flies the shortest route in the United States on their flight between Kahului and Hana, only 25 NM. The gear go down as we fly the odd approach into runway 35. Fun Fact 2: Many houses in Kona are built into the mountainside of the volcano of Hualalai, shown in this picture Touching down in paradise as the gear smoke in Kona.

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo.


What 2 airlines were the launch customers of the 757?

  • Continental and Monarch
  • Eastern Airlines and British Airways
  • Northwest and American

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Don’t reveal your answer if you know 😉


And if you guys have any long routes with narrowbody planes please let me know them!

Funny, I actually had that same feeling yesterday. Suddenly, I wanted to do the Delta PANC to KMSP route.

Nice pictures! Your #screenshots-and-videos topics never disappoint!

Hey! Thanks for flying from MSP yesterday. Hopefully the METAR wasn’t too bad, had a big blizzard yesterday.

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Beautiful aircraft, great airline, great routes, great pics. Love the 752 so much


I had a feeling I would see some photos of these flights. Nice pictures as always!

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Amazing! Great job! :)

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Beautiful! If you want a long and skinny route, go for SAEZ-MPTO or EGKK-CYHZ

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I did KEF-SFO once, (sorry @BigBert10) and it took 9 hours and 45 mins to fly, on the 752, it’s just that you need to cruise slowly for most of the flight, and I enjoyed it!

Great pictures as always!

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This aircraft is looking really long on this great shot!

Wow!!! Absolutely stunning picture!

Once again a really well made topic, looking very much forward to the next one!

You could fly Europe to the Canary Islands or the Cape Verde Islands!

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Minneapolis to Anchorage actually sounds like a really fun route to try! And thanks for the compliment :)

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It wasn’t too bad, visibility was more than enough for takeoff and there were only 10 knot winds

Thanks a lot! The 757 is easily my favorite plane even if it’s bad in IF


Haha the scenery is too good not to make a post on 😂

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Thanks as always!!!

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I’ve looked at a lot of those Copa routes, I’m thinking about Montevideo to Panama City which takes 7 hours or San Francisco to Panama City which takes 6 and half hours. And good idea with Gatwick to Halifax flight, transatlántica are always fun with 737s!

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I flew SFO-KEF too, great scenery but it’s too bad Iceland doesn’t have good scenery

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Damn 60 degrees north restrictions am I right?

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They call it the pencil for a reason! If only it didn’t point down in Infinite Flight ☹️

And good ideas for the flights, there are plenty of islands of the European and African coast to fly to

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Yep, same reason Anchorage and most of Alaska is boring