A smooth landing but floated halfway down the runway is not considered as a smooth landing

I see a lot of players try to land smoothly but floated halfway down the runway instead of aiming for the touchdown zone therefore it is not considered as a good landing do others agree to this as well?


I mean as long as you don’t go off the runway idk why it wouldn’t be considered a good landing.


Well it breaks the realism pilot irl are suppose to be landing within the touchdown zone and anywhere further will be considered dangerous and in IF i see people using max braking and barely able to stop in time


Just my opinions btw dont need to start a debate on this lol

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I have complained about this all the time believe me. Getting an impressive low fpm -or a butter as we call it here - never impressed me as much as final approach control, speed, precision, ease, and smooth like a natural.
Anyone who float (except very very slightly) or go off center line ought to g/a and try again


True usually some people just give up and smash the aircraft down cause they know they floated too long ( too lazy to go around)


I agree kinda. If i have a runway shorter that 10,000ft long I usually trie to get it into the touchdown zone but longer I am willing to float some but not a bunch like past the 2 stripes and I will usually go around or if I am short in time I land hard

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if its past the touchdown, doesnt matter if its 20 fpm, its not a good landing


I agree with that. A smooth landing to me is one that is not too late, the nose wheel stays up for a little, and everything is very smooth and not rushed.

To me it is about the difference between a smooth landing and a good landing. They are not synonyms. Smoothness is part of a good landing, but so is centerline, touchdown point, bank angle, pitch angle, speed, etc. The flight sim community as a whole as fixated too much on the fpm, all too many simmers throw away too many other factors for very low fpm, in my opinion that does not constitute a good landing.


Exactly a good landing is not just about the FPM

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I would rather land hard than floating too long and risk overrunning the runway (not too hard)

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Yes. I mean you don’t really want a hard landing per-say, but you want it to be definitive. The goal is to land the aircraft, not to float it along the runway hunting small fpm numbers. Particularly in nasty weather you want your landing to be definitive. I think that’s the best word for it, pick your spot, and put the aircraft down. You are the pilot, land the aircraft where you want it to land and how you want it to land, don’t let the aircraft land itself which I think too many simmers do.

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Yes sometimes if the weather is very bad it’s too dangerous to have a smooth landing

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Important to remember is that every single pilot ever in sims and in real life floats from time to time or lands “late”

Any safe landing is a good landing

More specifically, they say that any landing is good when you can walk away, and it’s an amazing landing when use the airplane again 👌


Naval pilots:


I totally agree with you. The realism just gets taken away if the touchdown zone just isn’t touched.

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Yea but not too late tho

I agree, especially since a firm landing may be preferable to greasing it when landing on a shorter runway

Depends where you wanna exit. If you miss the one you want that’s your problem. IRL we’ll land well past the touchdown zone to exit near the end of a 10000’ runway