A Smoggy Morning in Delhi to a Clear day in the Alps of Switzerland


This was another one of overnighters where I wake up at 5:30AM to land before I have to go to to school. I took off around 9:30 EST which was when the sun was rising Delhi. I try to plan my flights that I’m going to post so that it is daytime for 75% of the flight, unless it’s over the ocean or going North where it’s always dark. Since I took off from Delhi just after sunrise and flew West, this was an all daytime flight, but I was flying with the sun directly at my back. This made almost every photo backlit and any photographers know that you do not want to have backlit shots.Although the lighting was not ideal, the views were still awesome, like the Alps always are. I used the Swiss A330 which is used in real life and flight time was 8 hours 24 minutes.

Flight Details

Delhi to Zürich
Swiss 147 Heavy

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Taking off through Delhi’s thick morning smog
Putting the gear up in the soupy air. Delhi’s fog is actually not caused by pollution like most people believe it is, it is caused by farmers burning crops In other states which drifts to the city and causes the smog Under the full moon over Western India Overflying Adjara, Georgia as we get close to crossing the Turkish border over the Black Sea The never-ending, always amazing views of the Alps as we overfly Austria and the town of Schladming Crossing the North Side of the Alps over Oberndorf as we prepare to descend into Zürich Descending through the Classic, European towns of hilly Switzerland Putting the gear down in the blue, winter light of Zürich Approaching the runway in the shadow of the Alps Touching down as the clock strikes noon in Zürich!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What is the biggest sport in Delhi?

  • Swimming
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Cricket

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The answer to yesterday’s question was Oil which only 29% of people got

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


Nice photos. I like that add-on with that quiz
Happy Valentine’s day❤️.


C’mon guys! Swimming and soccer?

Really nice shots, love the colours.

Interesting lol


Your pics are always the best with angles, lighting, and weather! Love the first 3… Soupy air

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Very nice! Always liked Zurich!😀
Happy Valentine’s day!

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Amazing photos like always, love that moonshot!

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Wow! One of the best airlines and one of the best IF #screenshots-and-videos contributors make for a fantastic picture and great topic!

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! I’m trying to put more effort into my posts and that’s why I’m adding the quizzes!
And happy Valentine’s Day to you too

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Thanks! And yes it was S O U P Y

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Thanks a lot! I try to make angles that aren’t used very often, and I don’t Change the time so it’s always fun to fly at sunrise

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Thank you! I’ve been flying into Zürich a lot lately, it never gets old and happy Valentine’s Day!

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Thanks! Moonshots are always great :)

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Thanks as always ;)

It is a great airline and has one of the cleanest liveries and one of the best airports!

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Awesome job again. Living in Delhi, the smog becomes a part of your life.

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These are some fantastic pictures! I love the editing and all the interesting facts about the flight.

Fun Fact: The reduced levels of visibility ONLY AT DELHI AIRPORT are usually because of a large water outlet to the west of the airport which tends to bring in a fog as winds are usually easterly, and well, the airport is a huge flat open land.

That is why if you fly into Delhi, the approach tends to be clear and visibility only sets in after you’ve landed. It’s really funny to see terrible visibility at DEL in IF while I look out of my window to see a bright sunny day! Considering the fact I live 15 minutes away from the airport… weird indeed.


Absolutely true! Zürich is stunning, and SWISS as well!

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awesome like always

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Thank you! Id imagine if you’re not use to living in Delhi it must be awful, but if you lice there you get used to

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That’s actually really interesting! I never knew any of that, thanks

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Thanks Johanès!

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