A Small Vacation Trip from Las Vegas back to St. Louis

Two days ago, I flew Southwest Airlines Flight 3326 from Las Vegas back to St. Louis in the Southwest Airlines Heart livery this time. I departed from Gate C14 and arrived at Gate E8. I was shocked when I saw that the flight IRL was delayed and changed the departure gate from C14 to Gate B10 and didn’t know that it was delayed. If I would’ve known that that flight was delayed, then I would’ve spawned in and flown already in the first place. But that’s okay now that I already arrived at the scheduled time in St. Louis at Gate E8. So anyways, let’s get right onto the shots.

Final Flight: Southwest Airlines Flight 3326 - Las Vegas to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Origin: Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 3hrs 10mins
Server: Expert

Welcome to Terminal 1 Gate C14 ready to board my flight back home.

Taxiing to RWY 19L for takeoff out of Las Vegas airport

I see that someone spotted me lining up on RWY 19L so, flight attendants prepare for takeoff.

And liftoff we are off to ST. LOUIS!!! Goodbye Las Vegas

Banking left as we head northeast en route back to St. Louis.

Reached our cruising altitude at FL390 as the flight attendants come along the cabin with the same snack service. This time I had pretzels and a Diet Coke just for the sake of sweetness.

Upon descent as it gets dark getting near St. Louis airport, I started chewing bubble gum as my ear starts to hurt

And then we start preparing for landing as we are on short final RWY 12L for arrival to St. Louis

And here we are in St. Louis after a smooth touchdown. Therefore we cross RWY 12R to taxi to our arrival gate. I was like, I made it back to St. Louis from the time I flew to Las Vegas to the time I spend a day at the Las Vegas hotel towards going home.

And arrival to Gate E8 at St. Louis and the vacation has been concluded. I welcome myself home and it’s time for me to exit the aircraft and get me a ride home for a well deserved rest and prepare for my Thanksgiving virtual trip to Miami in two weeks.

And that completes my virtual small vacation to Las Vegas. I really enjoyed being in Las Vegas virtually and enjoyed the flight so well. So be safe IFC and have a good night. Like me if you enjoy all my shots regarding my virtual trip back to St. Louis.


I think you mixed up the order lol
Otherwise good shots!


Yeah, I’m gonna correct those right now.

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I corrected a few photos so it’s in order now

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Thanks for landing on 12L in STL

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Ur very welcome @Arizona_Aviator. I’ll be doing my next trip which is my Thanksgiving Trip virtually to Miami

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