A small question on my IF!

Hi everyone,

I will be going to my friend’s house this week-end. On my current IF, I have bought Live and the 777-200.

Last year, on her Ipad, I bought IF + the A330. Now, If I will connect on her IF (with my email + password), what will I get? Live + A330 + 777 or Live + A330 or Live + 777?



What you would get is IF, the A330, and the b777-200


I don’t get live?! :(

All Live subscription tied to account you bought with. You can move Live subscription across device and Platform(IOS+android) but Aircraft you can’t move them across platforms. If you bought aircraft with account, you’ll be able to restore the aircraft on deferent device. if you log in with the same account and same platform you bought on.

A boy lol, why this question? :)

Thanks a lot Farid,

So If I understand well, I get Live + A330 (so I lose 777), right?

I just have live/month :(

Could I kindly enquire as to your reasoning behind this question! :) ;)

All IAPs are tied exclusively to the App Store account ID used to originally purchase. As long as you use the same App Store and account ID, any associated purchases will be available for download again without charge.

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