A Small Note

Below my first ever post, I saw someone welcome me to the IFC. So if you are seeing this, I have 2 words… thank you.


Welcome to the community 🙂


Hello and welcome!

You can post this here:

Below are some topics to familiarize yourself with the forum:

Discourse Trust Level Information

A Beginners Guide to the Forums

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

General Forum Guidelines


We are thankful that you are here! Please note @AlphaSeven, what he means is that a post like this can be avoided and can be posted to threads like that. Small posts like this can sometimes clog the forum.

Have a great day, and again, welcome to the Community!


Y’all make me feel so good! I don’t have any friends… sniff-sniff


Why hello there.

Welcome to the infinite flight community.

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Hello and welcome to the community! Feel free PM me if you need anything.

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hello to u too

Butter_Boi I think that was u. Maybe not

Well, it might have been me. But since I said “welcome to the community” here, I think it wasn’t me.

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Well, it doesn’t matter.

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