A small break from IF

So about an hour ago I was doing a flight from KJFK to KSLC. I was a excited to try out VNAV for the first time. I had to do some fixes in my arrival then the next thing you know, my sim crashed. So I lost my 4 hour flight and didn’t experience VNAV. So I guess you can say I was a bit disappointed. So I will be taking a short break from IF until the bugs, crashes, and lag get fixed. I still love the update regardless. I also want everyone to know that I’m also not blaming the devs for this. They are trying the best they can.


Sorry you had to encounter this, devs are currently working on a hotfix in the upcoming days :

my tips :
limit frame rate ON
Airplane count LOW
Brightness levels on device 20-30%
Close all apps running in background

have a great day :)


To fix the issue check this link VVVV

And check your devices capabilities with this link VVVVVV

There are many issues and have all been posted. There is another link for preventing crashes which I’ll link when I find it. Happy flying! :)


I’m sure everyone here respects your decision to take a break. We’ll be here when you get back! Hopefully, the fix will be here soon! Enjoy the vacation🤪

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Hey man I just wanted to let you know that the hotfix has been released!😁

Well, I hope you haven’t gone too far! READ THIS!!! 😎

I updated it. I’m still having lag issues with changing camera views. Guess I’m just gonna have to deal with it :/

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What device are you using? What are your graphics settings set to?


This happened to me but the fix it coming out whenever apple/android rolls it out.

Im using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. My graphics settings is high on the rendering quality and medium on rendering resolution. Airplane count is set to medium.

Set all low

Make sure anti aliasing is switched off (this is a big drain on Android devices) and enable the framerate limiter if you haven’t already


Alright I set them to the settings u said but it still lags when changing camera views. Its ok. Its probably my dumb device.

I’ve been experiencing some frame rate drops, as well as jitters every more frequently since the update. I run on an iPhone 8. The solution for me was turning off anti analyzing, setting aircraft count to low, setting rendering for terrain and aircraft to medium.

Also, Make sure your battery is above 50%, make sure your phone isn’t too hot, close all apps before a flight and restart your phone.

Doing these usually helps you run your flight smoothly, also avoid busy areas if possible.

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If you have a video you can upload to YouTube of the issue with a link, that would be great :)


Ok Cameron. I will do that today. Do u mind if I PM u or do u want me to put the video here?

Either work :)


Here u go Cameron. Made this quick video showing the problem. When changing a camera view, it tends to do a quick lag spike that probably lats for a whole second or 2. Here is the link

Edit: Quick note. I am at OMDB which right now has no other aircraft nearby. It even happens with no aircraft around

Interesting, is this only happening on the 777?


Yes its only with the 777. The A350 is just fine.