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Recently I reviewed the pattern tutorial made by Tyler, and decided to do some practices. Tyler mentioned that you can use the heading bug to help making 90 degree turns. However I found a small problem using it:
When the heading bug is at the bottom of the compass, it would “submerge” into the status bar, making it impossible to see:

When I begin base turn the heading bug slowly appeared:

So I wonder if the compass could move up a little bit so that I can keep track of the heading bug 😂
(This doesn’t look like a “feature” request so I might as well put it in #general)

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Hi there, nice seeing you at Hobart just a few minutes ago! To address the heading bug trick, you should originally be setting it to runway heading (e.g. Runway 18, heading bug set to 180º). Then, decrease the heading 90º to the left (e.g. heading bug set to 90º). Repeat this step for each leg of your standard pattern. This way, you shouldn’t have have the bug set below the status bar.

Regarding the bug being below the status bar, I’m guessing that has something to do with the size of your device’s screen. Either way, I don’t imagine there will be many times where you’ll have to set your heading 180º behind you.


So instead of setting it to rwy hdg I should set it to the opposite, and at final I have visual of the rwy so I don’t need to see the immersed hdg bug?
That seems like a solution 😂 but could be a bit confusing though

Apologies, I explained that wrong – just edited my reply above. I don’t believe there will be a case where you’ll have your heading bug set behind (under the status bar) if you execute the heading bug trick correctly. Set bug to runway heading, takeoff, set bug 90º to the left (for left traffic), turn and fly that heading, repeat for each leg.

That will make my downwind a bit hard to fly because of the disappeared hdg bug 😂 or I need to calculate the downwind heading prior to takeoff …

The heading bug shouldn’t disappear if you’re executing the trick correctly. Mind explaining how you do the trick so I can spot any inconsistencies? Thanks!

I’m doing exactly like how Tyler did it. In his case, he used the cockpit view so the heading bug won’t disappear, but as you can see in my picture which is HUD view, the very bottom of the compass is blocked by status bar, so it will inevitably disappear into the status bar at downwind

Right, I see. One tip that could help is changing your heading in the Autopilot menu by 90º each leg. This will keep the bug in the top half of the compass.

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Alright then … will try it next time

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I don’t really see a reason for changing the heading bug unless you are flying the pattern with AP?

It’s like a visual guidance, helping you make more precise 90 degree turns

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