A slightly random question

Okay this is slightly random but; since KSFO is crazy busy and there’s a medium load on the server, only about 48% - what would happen if the server got to 100% capacity. I mean it’s probably an obvious answer, but i’m quite interested… would the game crash? would you not be able to join? would everyone just freeze still and not be able to go anywhere if you were in the server already…?

It’s beaming us all to Area 51


I don’t know, and I think that haven’t happend. Although Misha have crashed the server quite a few times lol

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I think you just can‘t enter the server anymore when it‘s at 100% load. Correct me if I‘m wrong.


when the 777 comes out definatly the server will crash lol

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hahhaahha how did he even do that???

and then it will just throw us into space 😬

Yes that’s what i thought, but the server would also then be unable to take any requests so might it kick everyone off it… or just make it so that no planes can move to stop all requests too it

ah yeh - literally can’t wait for the 777 eek

the way things are looking it may come out this week ive got my suspicions

I rly hope so - because they announced that they had done the 777 on the twitter and it’s been like a full week 😩😩

Please take it to a PM if you’re going to speculate about 20.1…


yeh okay fair enough 😂😂

my appologies

If a server reaches 100% capacity, It’s going to be a lot more chaotic than a server would usually be. Your game may crash if you can’t handle a 100% capacity server, however you wouldn’t be able to join in the first place if the server has reached 100% capacity unless Infinite Flight decides to upgrade those servers that are reaching 100%.

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Sooooo… hahaha somehow must have predicted that the server was gonna crash at 100% 🤣🤣

@Elefanths I think you called it on Misha crashing it 😉😂

Well, I wouldn’t want to try to say the least

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