A ski trip at The Rocky Mountains pt. 2/2

Hey everyone, sorry about the delay, here is part 2 of my previous topic. The story will continue in this topic, I hope you enjoy!


Aircraft: X-Cub
Route: CYYJ - CYJA
Flight time: 3h20m
Server: Expert
Captions apply to the photos above them

Without further ado, here is part 2 of the ski trip!

  1. After a 2 day delay due to startup issues, the little cub is repaired and ready to go. Here we see it basking in the morning sun on the general aviation stand,

2. After we load our equipment in, we hop in the the little two-seater and take a quick shot of the sun hitting the control panels!

3. A brief taxi later and we are in the air, goodbye Victoria, B.C!

4. A view of the body of water between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

5. Some morning fog rolled over the mountains as the sun rose, what a view!

6. A couple hours later and we are flying over Kamloops, B.C!

7. Mountains πŸ”

8. Another patch of fog as we approach Jasper!

9. A view of the valley, before final approach!

10. A bump and a bounce later we are rolling down the grassy runway, after we come to a complete stop we will exit the aircraft and runway and begin this wonderful ski trip! Woohoo!

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Thank for you for viewing part 2 of my topic, I hope you enjoyed these shots! If you haven’t already, I recommend that you check out my Instagram so that you don’t miss any shots that aren’t posted here. Again, thanks for viewing this post, have a good day/night, and see you in the skies!


Nice shots of that smol plane!

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Beautiful shots! πŸ‘

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Poll time!

What is the body of water between Victoria B.C and Vancouver B.C called?
  • Georgia Strait
  • McKinley lake
  • Richmond Strait
  • Pacific bay

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You can’t say this was delayed if you’ve never seen Butter_Boi procrastination.

Lol, amazing photos man! The little XCub is a blast to fly if you do it right.

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Amazing pics @Airborne_Canuck
Hard to decide which pic is the best
But #8 is the one I’ve chosen with outstanding mist scenery in the background

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Thanks @Pingu @Pilot_Felix @tjb0709! It certainly was a fun route to fly and a highly recommend that you try something like it sometime!

And thanks @Butter_Boi, I’m glad you like them, and that makes me a little bit better about my delay, lol.