A Situation With "Replying Too Fast"

Posted it, immediately went to write another one which took 10 seconds and presented the message.

That makes sense as there’s a 30s cooldown period.


I’m not sure if it’s unstable connection, but for some weird reason I had it at 5 minutes cool down period, then something like 2 on the the next reply, then 3 on the next one 😐

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I’ve noticed this issue as well.

Before, we didn’t even have a cool down. That was nice. Not to spam, but just to not have to wait so long between replies.

There was a cool down period, i just increased it slightly.
30 seconds between posts is not unreasonable at all.


Is there a way to specifically apply this “cool down” period option to Public Topic only, so it does not interfere with people who want to post more than 1 or 2 posts one after another within a short intervals in PMs?

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No, there’s not.

It’s been flaring up more than it should. I wasn’t on for 10 mins and it said I’m replying too fast.

I’ve adjusted it a bit more now. But if there’s minutes between i don’t believe it’s related to the changes I’ve made.


Yep, been having this lately as well! Especially in PM’s.

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Yea same been having this same issues. It seems to have gotten a bit better

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