A Situation With "Replying Too Fast"

Hey. I have been having a problem where Discourse keeps saying I have been replying too fast, even though I am the first one in a DM or posting a comment. Most of the time minutes apart, it then times down for like a minute before it lets me reply. For some reason it is doing this every time I try to post anything. Some help would be great if possible.


Yeah I’ve also come across, this. I remember replying in the guess the aircraft and airline and even though my messages were like 5 minutes apart, this messaged popped up.

although I think it’s a feature in every discourse hub

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Yeah, I’ve found it’s been acting weird. One time I haven’t been on for 4-5 hours and it still warned me that I’ve been replying too fast

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Yeah. It is super weird.

Edit: It just did it for me again.


Hm, i did poke around with this the other day but it should definitely not have had the effect you are describing. Let me check and get back to you.


Thanks Seb, it would be great if you could.

Edit: It happened for a third time.

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Try replying now, because it keeps replying with this message after like 2-3 minutes after your last message

Edit: now it’s not doing it for me…
Weird, happened yesterday but not today

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I don’t see how 30 seconds could cause the issue you are having…



I don’t know. It is really weird. Try 20 or 25. It might be a glitch in Discourse.

Is this something that started to happen recently?

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Yeah. Started up like an hour ago. I was running my spotting competition on PMs and kept getting that message. Then it started happening on the main forums.

Okay, i changed this 3 days ago.

Feels like it’s related to the DDoS issues…

Care to elaborate, never really understood those things. I know its “Of Service”



Ah. That might be it. Lets monitor it and see if it will improve.

I’ve been having this issue, too. Actually it just happened again. The last time I replied in this topic was 1 minute give or take.

I has once instance where this occurred to me in a PM yesterday… I was told to wait 8 seconds and so I did wait, sort of… After mashing the Reply button like 10 times a second and since I have not faced the issue, but the possibility of it reoccurring in a PM where you posts multiple posts with short intervals is higher, unless you spam public topic too 😜

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Just went ahead and tested it myself and yes same problem, told me to wait 19 seconds before posting.

How long between the posts?

2 minutes after my last reply.

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