A Sincere Apology!

Hello Community!
It hasn’t been some time since I have last been active on the IFC. I have took it that maybe this is not the place for me to enjoy myself, but I have come to realize that I miss being in Virtual Airlines and communicating with others. Obviously, the Virtual Airlines are called “Virtual” for a reason because they are, but I still enjoy being able to relax and have some fun, and then once the age comes, I can continue to pursue my passion for becoming an airline pilot. I have come to apology to everyone for my actions that I took when asking to create Spirit Virtual, and definitely for what happened at AAVA. It’s quite stressful when your dealing with personal issues, so I was not in the best mood. I found it very strange that even after I claimed my reasons, the sympathy just wasn’t there so I decided to take a leave but I have come back to apology. I apologize to everyone! The IFVARB team and the community!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!


It takes a true person to give an apology on this level. Much respect to you!


It’s no problem mate! The best thing to do was take responsibility for your actions and condemn them, and you did just that! And welcome back! ;)


Some people create Apology topics because they just want to be unbanned on their other account (but often get banned on the account they are posting from as well), others do it because they want to get back to a Grade on Infinite Flight. I can truly see that this one is a real apology, and although may achieve a better reputation on the community, it is clear that it is really just meant to say ‘sorry’. Nice one.


Thank you so much gentlemen! I appreciate the nice comments! It is a sincere apology and nothing else meant. Just reflecting on my actions and wanted to make it clear that I understand and that I apologize!

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