A simple thank you to IF devs

I just wanted to create this topic to send out an honest thank you to all of those who develop the game on a regular basis. Often times people on the forum just request new features or comment about the newest update as well as talk about trending topics. However not many reach out to just say thank you for everything and delivering a beautiful and engaging game. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I haven’t put more time into any mobile game as I have on infinite flight. So again thank you from me, as well as many others who I encourage to also share their thanks, for your hard work and dedication. Remember IF has a huge fan base and we stand behind you. Thank you


Well said Zachary. I feel that the devs are working so hard to get everything done, and it is annoying to have all of us pestering them about the updates.

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Count me in!

Thanks Devs too~ Will support whichever in future~

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I’ve supported them since day one! At least one pilot stands behind you guys!❤️


Well said Zach. There are a lot of supporters for the DEVs, in fact probably majority of people, however the moaners usually have a louder voice. So well done for posting this topic!!

Agreed!! Thanks for all of your hard work.

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