A Simple Ryanair Flight into Shannon Airport

A simple Ryanair Flight into Shannon. (EPWR-EINN)

Here are just a few small edits from my recent flight. This was a Flyout event from Wroclaw hosted by @Nick_Bochy yesterday with up to 7 attendants. This was on the Expert Server, dated on the 2nd of July, about 6PM.

A Special Thanks to @Zaid_Martines for joining in with me for the flight.

Here are the best 9 pictures.

Nr. 1 - Airport Line Up.

To start off the day, we were of course getting ready and sorting our places as usual. During the Replay session I thought of editing the Terminal building into one of my screenshots using this image.

Nr. 2 - Ready for pushback.

After a few Preparations and Flightplanning, it’s time for us to start pushing back. Here is a picture just before taxiing into runway 33.

Nr. 3 - Runway Line Up.

Line up runway 33, aligning the runway. Nothing pretty much special but a great view. Not forgetting the holding short of the Wizz Air on the right.

Nr. 4 - Rotate.

Nose up at 150 KIAS. Used up most of the runway due to the long distance between Poland and Ireland. Also noting that most of the aircraft is filled with passengers.

Nr. 5 - A Sharp left turn.

Also mentioning the beautiful view of the country outside of the airport field. A highway into Wroclaw city is located just below us. I have edited the window of a Boeing 737 and making it look as if it is taken on board.

(For some reason iCloud won’t let me download and let me one cruising picture with the view of Amsterdam Schipfol Airport).

Nr. 6 - Approaching Ireland. 🇮🇪

After a long 3 hour flight, the approach started as we entered Waterford City or Wexford town coastline. The sun was dawning.

(Again, wasn’t able to upload one more picture of the landing. Yikes!)

Nr. 7 - Parking.

After Taxiing into parking with my Mateos the left side of the main Terminal, we turned off the engines. I have just added 2 lamp posts to make it look lightly realistic, with a more of an Airport feeling.

Nr. 8 - Shannon Airport view.

Credits from IASC, Shows a really nice view of the airport itself. I think this could be one of the pictures I have made for the day. This shows the main Terminal and the control Tower in the bottom. We were down in the very back. It was a nice flight.

I hoped you enjoyed!

I have edited my pictures using Adobe. It’s an app on the App Store (Not sure about Android) and I could create a free Adobe ID.


Fantastic screen shots love the 3D buildings


Thanks! Would Image seeing them one day. 😉

Definitely hopefully in the future in oncoming updates

Good Job always at your service

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Nice edit buddy. Maybe we could make a collab edit once 😊

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Did you butter?

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Good question! Of course I did. Not the very smoothest, but it is a perfect landing.

You think I should do more of these edits? Well, actually I will. Takes some good amount of time though. I am mainly busy. :)