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Hello IF Community, I just have a simple question. I have learnt that requesting "Remaining in the pattern’ gets the ATC to tell you to clear for the option immediately after takeoff. In the past, I have a lack of knowledge of this command, and instead I also meant flying to an another airport. I’ve never received a touch and go clearence after takeoff in these periods, Does this reason rely to the ATC controller seeing where I’m flying to, so she/he avoids sending pattern clearances? Or something else? Thanks very much!

If you choose to fly to another airport, just request “departure to the __” (direction that your airport is) or just request frequency change.


I would suggest looking st some tutorials if you don’t understand how it works. If you are remaining in the pattern you will be staying in the airspace and you will land again at the same airport, tower will give you sequencing on who to follow and the chat clear for the option, this ‘option’ means you can touch and go or land. If you are going to leave the airspace and not land at the airport again then don’t request takeoff remaining in the pattern.


You’re asking the right questions! :-)

As mentioned already, there’s a lot of good tutorials here, check m out.

And watch this one:

So if you want to takeoff and fly to another airport, you request takeoff and specify the direction of your departure (North, West, etc).

When you are approaching an airport and you request a touch and go, Tower will clear you for the option amd can then add a direction (left, right) in which it wants you to go after your touch and go. You then have two options:

  • remain in the pattern - in that case you report your position and specify touch and go, or full-stop (if you want to land).
  • depeart the airspace - you then request a departure of the airspace, and specify the direction.

Tower can see you on the radar, and can give you sequence instructions, so that you know which aircraft is in fron of you and when it’s your turn to land.
So…keep an eye on your radar!

Hope is helps!


Hello I suppose that you were flying in TS1 server. There are a lot of people in TS1 that request remaining in the pattern without knowing what does it means. Is for that reason that when I’m ATC in this server I clear for the take off and I give a right or left pattern direction, if I see that the airplane goes in another direction I just instruct the pilot to change the frequency. I don’t know what are the directives in advanced server (i’m not an IF ATC) but I think that not acting in a correct way could cost you a gost.

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Hello! thanks for the tutorials, I’ve already know what “Remaining in the Pattern” means, but what I’m really asking for is what if pilots in Expert don’t know what that command means, and instead departs the airspace, what would ATC say then?