A Signature Journey [Movie / Documentary]

Recently, private jet firm NetJets released a movie detailing its delivery of NetJets Europe’s first Embraer Phenom (E55P). The film is very informative and intriguing. By the way, the narration by Mike Rowe is superb! There are also many great cinematic shots in this film.

I’m sharing this with the community because I know many will enjoy it as much as I did. I also hope many of you learn something about the private aviation world.

Part of this film is actually very relevant to me, as they show the Flight Safety International facility in Columbus, Ohio where I got to fly in the Embraer Phenom full motion simulator.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this spectacular film!


This is a great film! Highly highly recommended

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I’ve gotta agree with you there! Suprised this hasn’t gotten more attention yet…

I’m surprised as well. Gives you a look inside as well as a lot of flying

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Yeah! The film goes a lot into flight planning, dispatch, & crossing the Atlantic in a small aircraft. And it’s not “dumbed” down.

What an amazing video! Absolutely in love with it. I saw the video/movie last month, and I absolutely loved it!

C’mon people, you can’t say no to this!


Awesome, thanks for sharing this

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