A shoutout to ATC at EHAM tonight

Amsterdam Schiphol live ATC,
What a great job and a great place to be,
At this big event on the IFC,
ATIS, ground and tower all good through and through,
Pushing those planes out into the blue,

A duplicate message and for that I’m very sorry,
A second request for the pushback lorry,
But your hands were fully tied and it was organised well,
A wee bit of patience and then that lovely smell,
Of jet fuel burned and a job well done,
Thank you very much it was a great load of fun.

Carry on doing what you keep doing best,
It’s very well appreciated and please don’t forget.

Good times.


That‘s a nice poem.
Thank you! Even though the server issues made things difficult.


It got there in the end. It’s probably the busiest it has ever been there so the server flopped a couple of times :-)

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Lovely words!

IFATC did a great job on making it a very enjoyable event!


Another one of your amazing poems! 😆



Second poem that’s been towards me and the crew; love them. Hope you enjoyed your flight and the event as a whole!
Keep these poems going!


I wanted to congratulate all of the IFATC for being able to even control all 100 users in one particular area. It was unbelievable including all of the delays and the disconnection between servers. I am going to thank the event Hosters for participating and creating this party. And thanks to the staff to keep the servers afloat.

What a blast! The average delay received was one hour.


And yet I can’t deal with 3 planes on TS1


Yes It was very busy at EHAM today there were so many planes and I know we couldn’t do it without IFATC


Massive kudos to those controlling at Amsterdam. I nearly ran out of fuel just waiting! Good times.


Kudos! Its not easy to control EHAM/EGLL i think

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