A shout out!

I just wanted to give a shout out to IFATC Dwane S. You vectored me in beautiful! That was an awesome experience, probably the best in & out I’ve ever done, masterful craftsman … well done! I was WOLF1… on expert server. Good day Sir!


There isn’t something wrong with an individual congratulating the IFATC. The compliments make us feel great, and it’s a nice break from the angry ghosting topics.


Hey thanks man! You came in at a super busy time😤 but i did what i could to prevent any crashes. Thanks for coming by :)


There’s a difference from shouting out a pilot you spot flying, to creating a post in the #atc category to appreciate the hard work and dedication of a controller that volunteers their time to provide ATC service to pilots which improves the overall flying experience.

Well done Dwane and every other member of IFATC. Keep up the hard work and keep providing the great service that you guys do.


Why is it so important to post this in the proper avenue? It’s a forum… He already acknowledged my gratitude? I’m greatfull… Does everything have to be so by the book?


Apparently… I’m not allowed to tell you on this particular … Whatever it is …that I appreciated you today… I can’t even make a nice gesture without offending someone on here… Not a nice group… But again thank you Sir! I’ll see you around the IF skies, I’ll come visit you if your controlling!

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You are, there was just a slight confusion with the others.

Some of the people on the forum misunderstand some things, but it’s nothing.

All good! I was kind of rubbed the wrong way, but it’s ok, I understand!

ATC needs more appreciation so I love that you made this :)


At first Iwas extremely afraid of even going near ATC controlled areas, but I’m learning them, and now I find that I NEED THEM! I am very appreciative to all of the ATC guys now, I have no desire to control, I just fly, and ATChelps make that happen! I didn’t know where to post this so I put it here! Thanks for the encouragement!


I love seeing these “Thank you IFATC” topics, even though I’m not part of it myself. It’s a good break from all the raging “I got ghosted” topics. :)


Do as you do. Your post is appreciated


Why are so many hating on this? I shouted out an IFATC Radar for not ghosting me when I was experiencing problems with my airplane after he told me to follow instructions twice and I was grateful that he didn’t because my calibrate was messed up in the A321…

It doesn’t matter if he wants attention, all that matters is that IFATC are well trained, well prepared and very mature in what they do.

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It was literally only one person and his comment got flagged. I think its not worth it to continue this discussion


If your callsign is wolf1 why does your bio say its jollyroger674

Because at the time I signed up it just asked me for a calling, I made one up, I actually use that for civilian flights I do, when I’m in GAF gear I fly as WOLF1 did not have WOLF1 yet, that came about after given assignment and rank, I hadn’t thought about it, guess I do need to change that up, thank you!

I fixed that right up!!

I’m glad you had a great experience!

It’s definitively better then seeing all those ghosting topics…

I’m not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive at first, but that guy totally took care of me, brought me in beautifuly! I want to do it again now!!


I know the feeling.

When you get that sense of realism it makes all of us proud of what the IF community does to make flying in IF a great experience!

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