A Short Hop over the Indian Ocean... Kind Of

1) Yesterday I decided to fly a short hop from Tanzania to… Tanzania. It was fun and I have 5 photos to share with you today!

Cessna 208
Expert Server

3) So now for the photos!

Climbing out of Dar Es Salaam. The beautiful coastline of Tanzania can be seen. The passengers love it!

Leaving the mainland behind me, bye bye!

Leaving Dar Es Salaam behind. Can you spot the airport? No, I can’t either.

Cruising at a low 5000ft for this 20 minute flight.

The sky looks stunning as I begin a descent into Zanzibar airport.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos and let me know what you think!


If I can’t then the airport Is hiddden… I guess?

Nice pics and I love the Cessna Caravan!

I would suggest you use the screenshot tool in the replay mode for more sharper quality pictures. 📸

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Nice trip! Very lovely

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It’s not there 😂

Couldn’t find another tag line lol

Ill try that next time thanks

Um can u teach me to fly a cessna while ur at it?


For landings touchdown at 70kts. Works for me anyway. Everything else is just the same as with any other aircraft really lol.

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Rocking the C208! #bringbackGA

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