A Short Hop on the A320, KSFO - KLAX! Trip Report

Hey Guys! My name is Jacob and I hope everyone is doing great and is having a lovely day or night whatever it may be! This is my first ever trip report so please do let me know what you think of this, all comments appreciated. Please Enjoy these photos!

Altitude: FL330
Expert Server
Flight time: 0:49
Mach 0.78

Today, me and @Mxrzy took the A320 in the United livery for a short hop from KSFO to KLAX for @UnitedVirtual !

Here is me and @Mxrzy parked at our gates:

Here we are, ready to taxi to the usual runway 28L!

United 150UA ready for takeoff whilst @Mxrzy is holding short of the runway!

Now look at this view. Heavenly Hollister, isn’t this Beautiful with the mountains in the background?

Entering Right Downwind for 24R at KLAX with the sea in the background with a beautiful sunset!

Touchdown! Welcome to Los Angeles International!

You can now unfasten your seatbelt because me and @Mxrzy just gave you one of the shortest and smoothest flights from KSFO to KLAX!

Thank you for reading and looking at this trip report, please do leave a comment for improvement or any compliments I would much appreciate it!

Once again thanks so much to @Mxrzy for joining me and @UnitedVirtual for being such an AWESOME VA!

That’s it for now! Goodbye Guys!


Awesome flight and beautiful shots! 🔥

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Awesome shots! Have some cookies for having SFO in the topic 🍪🍪🍪

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