A Short Haul in California

My First Beta Flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco
Date: 27.04.21
Server: Expert
Thanks to @Abel_Kocsis for the ATC at KLAX😄

At the Gate in Los Angeles

Line Up Runway 25R

What a View 🤯

I have no Words for this

Approach into San Francisco

Moments before Touchtown

Landed and parked at the Gate


Haha danke für die liebe Worte😁

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holding short? That’s on the runway

This was a mistake I have to correct it thanks for the info, I mean line up

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Always something which needs to be corrected in this community… can people not just appreciate the pictures? Literally a sub heading, doesn’t need to be aggressively pointed out. This is exactly why many don’t feel welcomed here.

Awesome screenshots! @Henrik003 Showcases the new features brilliantly.


Well, @Populeux_Music did it for the OP’s own good. He didn’t want the readers to think that he didn’t follow ATC instructions and passed the hold short line… When actually he meant something else :)

Anyway nice shots!


Beautiful photos!

I have to agree with Dimitri though. Positive vibes only 🙂


Kein Problem :)

Thanks for your Kind words I really appreciate it. 😄

Thank you 😉

Thank you!

Wow!😍 awesome photos! Especially number 3, thanks for sharing