A short free trial for Infinite Flight Pro

The 1 month sub seems more than enough as opposed to handing off free trials all over the place.

I agree with this idea actually. I have suggested one of my friends about Infinite Flight Live, but he didn’t want to waste Rp67,000- just to test it even after I showed him some pictures about it. And with the upcoming Pro which will rises the prices to Rp130,000 (You can do alot of things with Rp130,000-). I think a free trial for a day (24 hours) or maybe 12 hours only should be enough to convince customers that Global is worth for the Rp130,000,- price tag. That’s my 2 cents about this


Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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Tho is a good idea because how much is the game? Like $6 I think. That would be a great idea. But you will have to find a way from people making multiple Accounts. Maybe the 1 day trial has only the free planes.

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It wouldn’t be a trial for the game itself, just Infinite Flight Pro, the paid subscription plan.

I like this idea but for a free trial you wouldn’t need any longer than a couple of hours to get a feel for how amazing this sim is

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I bought a month for now :) and love it. My last post was based on older version before update

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I agree with this and the benefit far outweighs the cost for FDS in the long run.

I think a 24 hour trial would probably be most reasonable. You have my vote.

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How do you keep people from making a new trial every day?


Possible one trial per Apple ID purchase (if that’s even possible)? If I bought the app on johndoe@gmail.com, I will receive a 9 hour trial on that Apple ID. In order to make a new one, I’d have to repurchase IF completely with another Apple ID in order to get the trial again. And @ Laura, although the base app is sufficient feature wise, a trial should still be allowed to allow users to see if they’re comfortable allowing their device to be on that long. Let’s say I buy infinite flight pro and I see that my device gets very hot and lags severely while using global, and I come to the conclusion that I cannot fly on IF anymore; there goes $10. But, with the trial of 9 hours, it will allow the user to do one semi long haul flight to see whether or not they are comfortable with global.


I guess if you limit it to one per device using the IP address or something/one per account.

Maybe they can make some system that tracks trials based on device rather than the account they use?


Or what about a free weekend like a lot of video games on Xbox And PS4 have done and are very successful idk if u can do that with Apple but might be worth it? Could gain lots of new players

They will have to first create a Live account. If they already have an account, they can click on “one time 24 hr trial”.

A unique redeem code will be emailed to user.

User puts redeem code into App Store and redeems their 24 hr trial

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If it’s Apple ID based or similar, what keeps someone from making IDs, it’s really easy.

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Apple will get kinda suspicious, so will FDS

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With a new Apple ID you will have to repurchase the app, which means they’re basically getting half of the monthly subscription just for 9 hours if someone is gonna keep buying the app just for the trial.

FDS could use your IP address to help prevent abuse via someone creating multiple accounts.

Add* They could integrate Game Center into IF where you could use Game Center to log into Live.

I think this sounds concept sounds pretty alright. While I am certainly someone who paid for 1 month Live before committing to 1year Live+, I think giving people a trial of Global might help people make the decision to put in 1/6/12 months of subscription.

IF should cost around $5 to purchase? I think after the purchase, and creating a live account, they could be given a trial of global at the price worthy of $5.

Thinking through it, I’ld say 2-3hrs is sufficient for the feel of global. Its up to them how they want to utilize the 2-3hrs of flight.

Though, I highly doubt this would be implemented, its an option I guess. Then again, I never got 3hrs of Live trial either, I spent money on 1month of Live and invested in 2 years of of Live+.

I think FDS also deserves to earn that $10 for 1 month of subscription, and these people can try global for a sufficient amount of time before considering 1year of global.

After all, nobody needs global, if they want it, pay some money to give it a try. If they love it, pay more money and FDS even provides all the planes when you buy 1 year. Win-win for everyone.

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Although the profit wouldn’t be there initially or even ever, the higher count of the general public using/deciding and logged into FDS’s app could be as good as gold in an electronic gaming world. 1 hr max for another 50k views (arbitrary). Honestly 30 minutes in a primo area of the map would suffice. It’s not my business and I’m sure there is absolute brainiacs running the show…2 cent stuff.

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