A short free trial for Infinite Flight Pro

With Infinite Flight about to boom in popularity, I think this would be a great idea. Of course, this isn’t a priority, just something that could be done in the future.

When purchasing a long-lasting online product/software, a good amount of companies offer a free trial. One example is Photoshop, they offer a one time 30 day free trial. So, why can’t Infinite Flight Pro have a free trial? I’m thinking that it could last for anywhere from 1-4 days. If the trial is any longer, FDS would likely be loosing money. After the trial is up, you would not be able to get another one.

Before you say: “Well people could just buy the 1-month Pro if they aren’t sure about sticking with Infinite Flight” I don’t think thats a good idea. Let’s say someone buys the 1-month Pro and doesn’t like it, then they just wasted their money.

So, what are your thoughts? Remember to vote for this idea if you like it.

I’d say 1 day free trial.


That definitely seems reasonable.


I think this would appeal to the younger audiences, but other than that, I don’t really see the point. It’s only 9,99.
Good idea, though!


True, especially those with parents who are skeptical about the possibility of it being a “phase” for the child, or the kid doesn’t like it right from the start which would = wasted money.


The base package in the app isn’t enough to try and see if one likes the app?


Good idea but people would just keep using the one day over and over


I think he means that a trial of global will draw people, and encourage them to pay for the full subscription.


One would assume it is one for each account so if someone was that desperate they would need to keep making accounts. Too much work, no one would do it, and in a free trial I assume it wouldn’t even give you xp.

As Laura said, isn’t the base package enough to see if someone likes the terrain enough?

It could work - access the entire world for free, but I wouldn’t give more than 24 hours.

Part of sales is creating a sense of urgency, and convincing the customer they have to buy this - after a day you can guarantee they’d be wanting more…


9.99 Euros is equivalent to $14.99 AU


and only let you have One free trial per Device
people can keep making google and Facebook accounts but they cant keep getting new devices.
nice request.


Based on feedback to this, I’ve changed the trial time idea. Thanks all!


I used to think a free trial would be good but now I don’t really know. FDS is a small company and limiting 1 trial per account is okay but then there’s always people who abuse it. Per device is reasonable but 10 dollars isn’t alot. I’ve personally used free trials for playstation plus since the PS4’s launch and that’s hundreds of dollars taken away from sony, FDS really doesen’t deserve that (neither does sony, but they’ve done some crappy stuff).


But if they had a mechanism which filtered out potential abuse, would you consider it useful?

There will always be those that will try to cheat, the big question is can you use a free trial to lure in potential customers. I think it might just work.


That would be nice to add in but how long


Another idea would be that they should have a free trial like X-plane does. They give you about 1 hour of flight time and then you get booted from the server saying you have to buy it. There should be a bar at the top that says how much more flight time you have. 1 hour if definitely enough to see if you would like to purchase global.


I’d like to a free trial just because I have no idea of what it’s like? What is this global thing people are excited about? Is the paid version better graphics or what, do you still confined to the flight region you take off in or do you get to go to other places? What’s the point of taking off with other than GA aircraft if you can’t flightplan over 100km or so? Is the paid version a different game? At present time you can’t find out until you’ve paid and it seems the1 month plan is vastly different than the 1 year

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Bro gobal means you can fly any where I dont have a link on me but there is a post expaning it


More info here: