A Short Flight

Today I did a short flight, because it took only one hour! It was a fine flight, I earned only 632 XP…


Route: EDDF - LOWW
Flight Time: 1:13
Aircraft: A320
Server: Training

Climbing past Frankfurt

A beautiful approach to Vienna with the Moon in the background

And an alright landing at Vienna International

I hope you guys enjoyed as always!

Write me if you liked it!

Did I get the angle right?


-Thats a nice route, i liked the second pic but the first one was to far away I couldn’t see the details of the aircraft.

  • Keep going and improve your skills.

Great job!!

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Thanks! I’m improving my shots based on replies!

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Lovely pictures :)

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Great photos. You only got 632xp for that!? I did a 30min flight from Dublin to Manchester this morning and I got double that for half the time!

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I was surprised too…

Ye. I’m in the expert server but I dont know if that’s got anything to do with it

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Yeah, I need 18,000 XP more to become level 3

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You could get that fast if you really try

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I am expecting to get level three the fourth of June

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Yep. Good luck

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Abway on get a good shot is to angle camera far away and zoom in in the aircraft.

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Thank you very much 🙏🏻

Thanks for the feedback!

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Nice shots! The only thing is that in the flight details you wrote EDDF-LOWW which is Vienna (Zurich is LSZH)

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Ooh, I forgot I went to Vienna!