A short flight with the 717

Hello IFC! Me, @Wesley_Fry and, @Colderco did a flight on the 717. I can thank @Colderco for the escort.


Flight time: 0.52
Aircraft: 717
Sever: Casual
Blue one.

At the gate with @Wesley_Fry and @Colderco. You can’t see @Colderco because his plane would not load in the replay.

Taxiing to the Runway.

Lifting off with the non- reworked 717. It almost looks like an MD-80

Climbing to 25,000

I always love a good escort.


Hello airport!

On final knowing that this will be a terrible landing

This is what you call a 717 landing, (terrible)

At another lonely airport. Unfortunately @Wesley_Fry crashed due to high winds during landing.

Hope you enjoy,


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Special thanks to @Wesley_Fry and @Colderco


The 717 is so underrated


And the rework thread is also super underrated


Everyone has their own opinion

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I didn’t think you were gonna make a Picture topic! Great photos!

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Thank you! I am planning every flight I do like this to have a screenshots topic.

Oh ok! Tell me when you do the next one!


As always!

reasons not to like the 717:


Haha! I get it!

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oof I ran out of likes.

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Haha so many people are telling me that happened to them and it makes me laugh so hard!

add more contrast 😆

Great shots! I need to start flying the 717 again. It is one of the greatest to ever be in the sim

Thank you @KSS !

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besides, isn’t it the happiest feeling ever when you somehow manage to make an acceptable landing with it?

They should consider reworking the 717, your flight would so spectacular if it was reworked

If you haven’t voted and have a spare vote, please vote here!

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Yessir the 717

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